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Episode number 17 from season 2.

2016-04-09 - This Was His Idea

Season 2 - Episode 17 - 04-09-2016
Owen driving a scooter, Casey behind him explaining that he is supposed to have a motorcycle driving license. Dawn, Francine and Candice are out for a coffee run, then they come back and they will leave for Connecticut. He picks the car in the garage. It is covered by dust.4 minutes after they are stuck in the traffic. Candice falls asleep. Rest stop. Francine is awake but Candice is hard to wake up. After the stop Casey shows his idea so Francine can watch her cartoons. He taped a phone on the leather of the backseat seat. Candice drives, she is almost falling asleep. Stop to see Casey's dad. He likes to see Francine. Home at the New London house. Casey starts the scooter, throw a helmet to Owen asking him not to crash it. Casey takes his boosted board. Amusement park beach situation. The park is closed but they leave the gates open during the winter. They go to see what is inside. Drone views of the water slide and the other attractions around. They end up in the sand, Casey can't ride his BB anymore, he takes it with him on the scooter. Panoramic view. Time to eat, Owen is hungry, the go back home. Casey explains that before having a drone he used to climb on the top of the pylon he shows to get aerial views. the BB is out of juice, Owen toes Casey. Candice orders food. Then Casey goes with Owen to wash the car. Later, home. His dad will come in 20 minutes and they will have dinner. These relaxing week-ends in Connecticut are exhausting. Restaurant. Francine is freaking out. Casey brings her back home. Random winner of the drone: Radioasartes.

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