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2016-11-28 - The Vietnam Notebook

Season 2b - Episode 1 - 11-28-2016
Casey's trip to Vietnam with his kid Owen. Back in 2012. Experience does for the soul what education does for the mind. Casey in the plane with Owen a...

2016-11-30 - i sold my company to CNN

Season 2b - Episode 2 - 11-30-2016
Casey explains that meybe we have head the news by now, but he sold his Beme technology company to CNN. They will start something new with CNN, with M...

2016-11-30 - Millionaire YouTube SELLOUT

Season 2b - Episode 19 - 11-30-2016
Casey takes a pile of $100 bills and burns them in front of the camera. Of course it is prop money. Sellout is Casey's least favorite to hear. People ...

2016-12-03 - Time With the Family

Season 2b - Episode 8 - 12-03-2016
Cape Town, South Africa. Casey is on his way home but he wants to talk about this trip. NYC a couple of days before Christmas. The trip was around 30 ...

2016-12-07 - i miss vlogging

Season 2b - Episode 3 - 12-07-2016
Casey hasn't post for 2 weeks. He wants to make an update. Not a lot of changes, he is still using Candice's closet to record his videos, he is stille...

2016-12-12 - about my HOLIDAY MOVIE..

Season 2b - Episode 4 - 12-12-2016
Casey tries to surprise Jesse at the airport. Casey explains that one reason he stopped vlogging is to have more time to plan on making more ambitious...


Season 2b - Episode 5 - 12-19-2016
Huge drone in the sky, Casey is suspended to that drone, with a snowboard and wearing a Santa Claus suit. There is no drone sold in the world that can...


Season 2b - Episode 6 - 12-20-2016
Behind the scenes of the huge drone snowboard video. No the drone is not fake. He will explain everything. Day one at the Santa Claus Hotel (real name...

2016-12-22 - DRONEBOARDING in 360

Season 2b - Episode 7 - 12-22-2016
In his studio Casey explains that it is a 360 video, it should be sharp, if not the audience has to check the youtube resolution to pick the highest o...

2017-01-11 - i'm not that happy

Season 2b - Episode 9 - 01-11-2017
New camera setup. 4K but looks kinda strange. Casey still want to make face to face videos. He has more things to come, he shows the edit of a running...


Season 2b - Episode 10 - 01-13-2017
Casey is taking his boosted board to a Nintendo event. He is wering a helmet now. He may have fried his BB. 29th street. The event is about the new Sw...


Season 2b - Episode 11 - 01-15-2017
Sunday 4:02 am Casey is preparing himself, shaving and leaving the aparment early to take the car. For him it is a big deal, not for everyone else. To...

2017-01-16 - A Quick Question..

Season 2b - Episode 12 - 01-16-2017
In his studio Casey shows a Canon 16-35 2.8 L lens. The zoom is broken. He sent it back to Canon for a repair and Canon said that the service life on ...

2017-01-18 - DJi Phantom 4 Pro+ vs. Inspire Pro vs. Mavic Pro in 4K

Season 2b - Episode 13 - 01-18-2017
In his studio Casey tries to fly a mavic pro holding a sign with "another drone review". He goes to Long Island with Dean to test the brand new DJI ph...

2017-01-19 - Going to Washington to see TRUMP

Season 2b - Episode 14 - 01-19-2017
Casey goes to penn station (Pennsylvania train station) to take a train to Washington DC. He plugs his boosted board into the train to recharge it. 45...

2017-01-20 - Scenes From Donald Trump's Inauguration

Season 2b - Episode 15 - 01-20-2017
Scenes from the street. Casey asks pro trumps what is their favorite thing about Trump being elected and protesters what they are the most concerned a...

2017-01-23 - BEST VLOGGING CAMERA Sony vs. Canon

Season 2b - Episode 16 - 01-23-2017
In his studio Casey writes while watching the screen of his camera "welcome to another tech review". Last week he was very frustrated with his non rep...

2017-01-27 - Bowling in the White House basement

Season 2b - Episode 17 - 01-27-2017
Staff entrance of the White house. In his studio Casey explains that he has been sitting on this footage for a 5 years. He had to wait until now to be...

2017-01-28 - Muslim Ban at JFK Airport

Season 2b - Episode 18 - 01-28-2017
Free pizza delivery to support the people protesting at the airport. Saturday January 28, 2017 President Trump signed an executive order that stopped ...

2017-02-08 - my addiction

Season 2b - Episode 20 - 02-08-2017
There are two kinds of people in this world: those who run and everyone else. Running is an addiction (if you are doing it right). Casey running in th...

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