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2018-12-13 - In Defense of Rewind 2018

Season 4 - Episode 106 - 12-13-2018
YouTube Rewind 2018. The most disliked video in the history of YouTube. Casey didn't want to make this video. He wants to start to defend the video. I...

2018-12-10 - a very tough flight

Season 4 - Episode 105 - 12-10-2018
Big wood box floating in the river. Too big to be a coffin but... It is very cold this morning. Casey will complain every day until it stops to be col...

2018-12-05 - DJI OSMO Pocket vs. GOPRO 7 (which has better stabilization??)

Season 4 - Episode 104 - 12-05-2018
In his studio Casey listens at the mini fridge which seems snoring. Water in the street. Tech review Tuesday. Still no intro. DJI OSMO pocket. It is r...

2018-12-04 - we'll pay you $5,000.00 to design the 368 logo

Season 4 - Episode 103 - 12-04-2018
Casey is back in NYC, glad to be back but it is chilly here. No Boosted Board today, the TSA took it, he has to work. Walking is so inefficient, but i...

2018-12-03 - LET ME EXPLAIN

Season 4 - Episode 102 - 12-03-2018
Casey hasn't posted a video in a while. He is sorry for that. HE is waiting for a flight to Denver then New Orleans. After a short night of sleep he g...

2018-11-08 - She Asked the Big Question.

Season 4 - Episode 101 - 11-08-2018
Casey breaking a glass youtube play button with a batt. A guy being ticketed on a bike passing a red light. FDNY, a block is closed. A building is on ...

2018-11-07 - super sad.

Season 4 - Episode 100 - 11-07-2018
Rainy day. Terrible weather. Today will be a sad video. There is one thing with YouTubers, we are not good to express feelings. Talking to the audienc...

2018-11-06 - I CUT MY DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON IN HALF (10 Million Sub button)

Season 4 - Episode 99 - 11-06-2018
Big circular saw in Casey's office. In the street Casey shows that New York City is finally getting rid of the huge concrete blocks on the bike lanes....

2018-11-05 - weird flex but ok.

Season 4 - Episode 98 - 11-05-2018
Car ride to Newark airport then flight to New Orleans, Louisiana. His friends are shooting a feature film here and they included him in the movie. 2 t...

2018-11-01 - 70 People with No Clothes on Photographed at 368

Season 4 - Episode 97 - 11-01-2018
In the 368 building Casey explains that he is uncomfortable with naked people but all of there are ready for a picture to be taken. Casey is back from...

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