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2024-02-21 - Sisyphus and the Impossible Dream

Season 6 - Episode 41 - 02-21-2024
Casey has waited 17 years before making this video. Imagine, you are broke, it is embarrassing, but you dream and want to be a millionaire one day. Is...

2024-02-03 - the thing no one will say about Apple Vision Pro

Season 6 - Episode 40 - 02-03-2024
Casey on his boosted board and the Apple Vision Pro in the streets of New York. Video call to show Casey's persona. This is not a proper review, if we...

2024-01-31 - Life Lessons from my 46 Year Old Wife

Season 6 - Episode 39 - 01-31-2024
Candice is 46 even if she doesn't wan to say it. Casey and Candice try to get away once a year. Marriage is hard. Vacation time. Difference between 26...

2023-11-04 - My New Career as a Male Model and Professional Skateboarder

Season 6 - Episode 38 - 11-04-2023
Outside his studio 3 fans shouting at Casey's window. In today's video Casey explains how after 7 years, he may be the only professional boosted board...

2023-10-16 - her very first nfl game! #NFLPartner #NFLCreatoroftheweek

Season 6 - Episode 37 - 10-16-2023
short video of NFL game, Casey is in the stadium with Candice. They are invited as press. They got Neistat football shirts. Fireworks. Flags, Hymn. Pe...

2023-10-11 - Jew

Season 6 - Episode 36 - 10-11-2023
Photograph of Casey in Jerusalem in 2005. kind of field trip. Casey is not religious at all but he is Jewish. When he was a kid he went to synagogue o...

2023-09-30 - NYC is Under Water

Season 6 - Episode 35 - 09-30-2023
Emergency Alert on Casey's phone. Flash flood. Footage from other media. Case with a high visibility jacket in the water up to the knees explains that...

2023-09-28 - Everything Changed except this

Season 6 - Episode 34 - 09-28-2023
Casey takes a car to Laguardia airport. There are some friends, you don't see them for a very long time, then when you see them again it's like you ne...

2023-09-13 - NYC sidewalks can be scary

Season 6 - Episode 33 - 09-13-2023
short video: Casey shows a broken concrete corner on the pavement, he pushes a little bit the pieces with his foot, and a whole part falls 10 feet low...

2023-06-27 - this is the World's Smallest Vlogging Camera and it's pretty incredible

Season 6 - Episode 32 - 06-27-2023
POV mode, Casey's morning routine with a shot from inside his mouth. Insta 360 Go 3. A summer vacation. comprehensive review. Sponsored by Insta360. D...

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