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2023-04-28 - Creative POISON

Season 6 - Episode 28 - 04-28-2023
Casey is sitting on a branch in a tree, procrastinating. He has a brand deal, this is a sponsored video. He buys chalks. Procrastinating is dangerous,...

2023-04-17 - AI Made this VLOG

Season 6 - Episode 27 - 04-17-2023
Casey asks ChatGPT (GPT-4) to write him a script for a Casey Neistat vlog. Every shot and line of dialogue was captured exactly how AI suggested. He p...

2023-04-06 - I Was At Trumps Arraignment, It Was Insane

Season 6 - Episode 26 - 04-06-2023
A guy mimicking Donald Trump. For the first time in the history of the United State, a former president will be arraigned. It is happening just next t...


Season 6 - Episode 25 - 02-22-2023
Casey goes into the street to try out the electric shoes. Strap scratch over regular shoes. Kickstarter campaing, it went viral. Walking with AI. Case...

2023-02-07 - my stupid idiot brain

Season 6 - Episode 24 - 02-07-2023
Casey enters his studio, take a roll of paper to use as a lens to focus on something, then makes a board with different social media and projects writ...

2023-01-31 - Reuniting With my Dad

Season 6 - Episode 23 - 01-31-2023
Casey is flying to Florida for his father's 70th birthday. Uber to Laguardia. New airport. Good and beautiful. They like the waterfall. Jetblue plane....

2023-01-27 - The Greatest Moment

Season 6 - Episode 22 - 01-27-2023
Coffee cup with The greatest Moment of my life written on its side. Casey's greatest moment (not including his wedding day or kids birth) is captured ...

2023-01-26 - it’s toxic.

Season 6 - Episode 21 - 01-26-2023
#sort Cologne, smells like WD-40. Casey tests it. Funny little spray but it is as awful as we can imagine....

2023-01-02 - my last day of 2022

Season 6 - Episode 20 - 01-02-2023
short video about his last day. Morning run, smoothie/popcorn/cake , boosted board ride to his studio. It is a mess inside but his fish is still alive...

2022-12-05 - 3 things i learned from 800 days of vlogging

Season 6 - Episode 19 - 12-05-2022
800, that's the number of daily vlogs he made in a row a few years ago. New York. 5 years since he stopped daily vlogging. He thinks a lot about that ...

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