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2020-09-11 - showing you what happened to me

Season 5 - Episode 21 - 09-11-2020
Casey wakes up. Francine asks him what he is doing: Starting a new vlog. George is here too. They take the car to go have breakfast. Car ride, Takeawa...

2020-09-12 - shes still my wife.. but

Season 5 - Episode 22 - 09-12-2020
Morning instant coffee. Morning run. while listening at and audio book about Genghis Khan. Later he shows Francine the vlog they did yesterday. Today ...

2020-09-13 - never do this in a public bathroom

Season 5 - Episode 23 - 09-13-2020
Casey enters a public bathroom, it is empty. The only worse thing than being in a public bathroom in LA at 5.30 AM is filming yourself in that bathroo...

2020-09-15 - the truth about why i quit.

Season 5 - Episode 24 - 09-15-2020
Casey takes food and goes on a boat with the kids. It is Candice's dad boat. They try to take it once a week as a famillly activity. Casey interviews ...

2020-09-16 - 1 serious question about the GoPro Hero9

Season 5 - Episode 25 - 09-16-2020
Casey takes his hair trimmer to shave the sides of his head. Car drive (with parking ticket still attached) with a big gopro box at the back of his tr...

2020-09-17 - i started a fight i'll never win

Season 5 - Episode 26 - 09-17-2020
Morning run in the mountains. Hazy because of the fires. Book reading. The enemies of Rome / how to kill ants. / Battles of the history. They have an ...

2020-09-18 - she's ready to leave

Season 5 - Episode 27 - 09-18-2020
Casey wakes up in his bed outside of the Airbnb he rented. It may have rained last night, everything is wet. Double stroller, walk around the city. Gr...

2020-09-19 - burning a fat one with my wife's parents

Season 5 - Episode 28 - 09-19-2020
Huge bathroom. Casey quickly tie his hair. Car ride with Francine to the grocery store . A simple way to spend time with one kid at a time. Not a baby...

2020-09-20 - very serious family problems.

Season 5 - Episode 29 - 09-20-2020
Casey writes "Drama" in the sand. California beach Airbnb house. There is a drama in the family, he is not sure but it involves Stanley (Candice's fat...

2020-09-21 - i made a stupid mistake, here's the truth

Season 5 - Episode 30 - 09-21-2020
Lots of noise in the kitchen, the girls are playing drum with pots. Casey puts his bed back in the room, he slept outside this night too. Time too cle...

2020-09-22 - it's an addiction and it's real

Season 5 - Episode 31 - 09-22-2020
Casey is looking on Netflix for a movie to watch for Francine. Today he wants to introduce a new segment called Casey's Movie Club... a way to talk ab...

2020-09-23 - this is why she wants to leave

Season 5 - Episode 32 - 09-23-2020
Is Casey still running? yea everyday. Casey asks Candice to go grocery shopping with him. Car ride to the store. Casey wants to buy cakes, Candice say...

2020-09-24 - insane new electric car, it's not a Tesla

Season 5 - Episode 33 - 09-24-2020
Casey's most viewed tiktok video: him inside a very futuristic Mercedes car. Shot 9 months ago. He was invited by Mercedes-Benz to try the car. Not an...

2020-09-25 - we're staying in a trailer now

Season 5 - Episode 34 - 09-25-2020
Stanley has a new Mercedes car. Stanley is having a nap while holding the 2 dogs with him. Casey wants to have a ride in the new car, should he wake S...

2020-09-27 - this Wave Pool Cost $100 per SECOND to ride

Season 5 - Episode 35 - 09-27-2020
Candice only slept 6 hours but it's been a great night, it's been such a long time she hasn't been away from the kids. Normally nature provides the wa...

2020-09-28 - a problem in the shower

Season 5 - Episode 36 - 09-28-2020
Casey enters his shower, the soap is resting on the side of the shower and sliding into the bathtub. A soap dish might solve the problem... but the th...

2020-09-29 - sharing the truth of our marriage

Season 5 - Episode 37 - 09-29-2020
Casey goes very fast down the stairs because he heard a loud noise. It was Candice: her domino set fell on the ground. Car ride to a place to buy food...

2020-09-30 - kite surfing idiot nearly cut my feet off

Season 5 - Episode 38 - 09-30-2020
Morning run, shower, fresh clothes. Car ride to paints and wallpaper store. He spray paints his wetsuit in pink. Waves are wind waves, swell is cause ...

2020-10-05 - i made this video in a Wal Mart

Season 5 - Episode 39 - 10-05-2020
Casey takes ice cream from the freezer. Sleeping arrangement in the Neistat house. A room for Owen when he is here... this is where Casey sleeps. Baby...

2020-10-06 - if she leaves me, this is why

Season 5 - Episode 40 - 10-06-2020
Casey is looking for something. A squirrel is hidden behind their couch. Casey tries to make him leave, he moves the couch, the squirrel hides, Franci...

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