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2018-09-05 - everything is changing

Season 4 - Episode 81 - 09-05-2018
Candice takes a cab, she is really pregnant. Casey is going to La Guardia by cab. Airport scenes. He is on his way to Boston for a quick business trip...

2018-09-06 - we had a Creator PARTY AT 368!!

Season 4 - Episode 82 - 09-06-2018
Today is a day of something they are doing the first time at 368. They don't know to activate the community but they invited some friends for a Taco T...

2018-09-07 - MEET MY TWIN! - bfv&tattoos at 368

Season 4 - Episode 83 - 09-07-2018
Money Talks Bullshit Walks on a t-shirt. 91°F hot today. Solid run despite the heat. Later, Boosted Board ride and he explains that there is a patter...

2018-09-08 - never get in an UNLOCKED POLICE CAR!!!

Season 4 - Episode 84 - 09-08-2018
Long line of cop cars, Casey is 50 percent sure that it is fake cars. Casey tries to go in one. This is a picture car for a movie or tv show. Tesla ri...

2018-09-10 - WORLD'S WORST PRO-GAMER; humiliated playing Battlefield V

Season 4 - Episode 85 - 09-10-2018
A NYPD Traffic duffel bag locked to a scaffolding on the street! Boosted Board ride. 8am he is heading up to midtown,fine-looking horse. Meeting with ...

2018-09-11 - THAT ELON MUSK INTERViEW and the dangers of VLogging.

Season 4 - Episode 86 - 09-11-2018
Elon Musk smoking pot during an interview. Batman in the street, lots of NYPD cars. Casey explains that no he wasn't with Elon Musk smoking pot but he...


Season 4 - Episode 87 - 09-17-2018
A masked guy before the marathon starts. Car ride 11:12pm Saturday. Casey drives to Philadelphia, Pa. He stays here for one day. Tomorrow is the Phila...

2018-09-19 - Making fun of people.

Season 4 - Episode 88 - 09-19-2018
Water leaking over a subway train. Great morning fo a run but stormy weather coming. Casey hates running in the rain. Later in the studio it is pourin...

2018-09-20 - i didnt want to like it. GoPro 7; GREATEST EVER.

Season 4 - Episode 89 - 09-20-2018
Water slide. Gopro Hero 7 black. A month ago Gopro invited Casey and some tech journalists for a fun waterpark/mountain bike day. He wasn't allowed to...

2018-09-22 - Shawn Mendes Trailer!

Season 4 - Episode 90 - 09-22-2018
A Shawn Mendes movie premiere, with Shawn Mendes and Casey will take place in NYC. But a trailer before. Casey introduces the trailer, explaining he w...

2018-09-26 - the VERY BEST SMARTWATCH...

Season 4 - Episode 91 - 09-26-2018
Smart watch market analysis. In his studio Casey tries a 180 on a OneWheel. Tech review Tuesday. Which smartwatch is the best smartwatch. Apple Watch,...

2018-10-03 - An Extraordinary Moment

Season 4 - Episode 92 - 10-03-2018
Shawn Mendes and Casey on stage. Painter in the street. Today is a big day. The biggest day for 368. Lots of flowers in the entrance hall of 368. Lots...

2018-10-12 - we had a baby

Season 4 - Episode 93 - 10-12-2018
In a bedroom, Casey brings a newborn. Georgie Neistat. She was born 1 week ago, she is healthy, everything is perfect. Casey wants to make a whole mov...

2018-10-15 - Navy Seal Commander explains why wake up at 4am

Season 4 - Episode 94 - 10-15-2018
Movie from September 26. Wake up. 4:42am it is usually what his day looks like. He is always up between 4 an 5. Coffee, then the absolute most product...

2018-10-18 - A $10 Million Dollar Joke

Season 4 - Episode 95 - 10-18-2018
Casey is still on leave because he had a baby. Quick tech review tuesday. Time to review the Elon Musk (Not a) Flamethrower. It doesn't come with a pr...

2018-10-25 - Living in NYC during a Crisis

Season 4 - Episode 96 - 10-25-2018
In his studio Casey explains that there was an alert int the area of 58th and 8th street. NYPD, SWAT, FDNY, ... a bomb was discovered. No one was hurt...

2018-11-01 - 70 People with No Clothes on Photographed at 368

Season 4 - Episode 97 - 11-01-2018
In the 368 building Casey explains that he is uncomfortable with naked people but all of there are ready for a picture to be taken. Casey is back from...

2018-11-05 - weird flex but ok.

Season 4 - Episode 98 - 11-05-2018
Car ride to Newark airport then flight to New Orleans, Louisiana. His friends are shooting a feature film here and they included him in the movie. 2 t...

2018-11-06 - I CUT MY DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON IN HALF (10 Million Sub button)

Season 4 - Episode 99 - 11-06-2018
Big circular saw in Casey's office. In the street Casey shows that New York City is finally getting rid of the huge concrete blocks on the bike lanes....

2018-11-07 - super sad.

Season 4 - Episode 100 - 11-07-2018
Rainy day. Terrible weather. Today will be a sad video. There is one thing with YouTubers, we are not good to express feelings. Talking to the audienc...

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