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2018-07-16 - Sharing the Ups and DOwns of our marriage

Season 4 - Episode 60 - 07-16-2018
Sign with Hello Casey how are you. In his bathroom Casey make magic shaves. Clean cut Casey. OR he will keep the beard. Just a video trick. Dan is bac...

2018-07-17 - i'm so hot. (dan made me title it that)

Season 4 - Episode 61 - 07-17-2018
Fan in the street smoking a joint. 368 construction work. Every sunny day during summer he does this. There are rocks 5 miles away from his home. He r...


Season 4 - Episode 62 - 07-18-2018
Today is the day: Casey and Roberto's guide to running for beginners. New 368 intro. Talk with Roberto in Casey's office. Casey wears all his medals a...


Season 4 - Episode 63 - 07-20-2018
Drone flying inside 368 HQ and leaving the building. Casey arrives 5 hours too late for something. Droneworks team is here. Stratton, Elaine and Justi...

2018-07-24 - A 3 MiNUTE EXPERiMENT; IT WORKED!!!

Season 4 - Episode 64 - 07-24-2018
Experimental video shot with the hummingbird drone. The drone enters the building through the window, old studio tour, with Casey many times in the fr...

2018-07-24 - THEY GOT MARRIED AT 368!!!

Season 4 - Episode 65 - 07-24-2018
Casey dresses up with a suit, bow tie. Today is a bow-tie day. He is crashing his friend's wedding at 368. The wedding is at the city hall but after t...


Season 4 - Episode 66 - 07-25-2018
Fan in the street, Casey asks him how he finds his shoes. Morning run with Ben. It is hot. Later Car ride with Candice in the Tesla, not the time to t...

2018-07-27 - The Logan Paul Interview.

Season 4 - Episode 68 - 07-27-2018
Context: Casey explains why this interview and how it happens. Logan Paul has a huge impact on the whole YouTube community. The whole community fell b...

2018-08-03 - 10 Million

Season 4 - Episode 69 - 08-03-2018
10 million subscribers. Balloons and 10 million t-shirt. Casey wants to make a short video because he does not have a lot of time because of personal ...

2018-08-06 - Dan IS GONE. (from nyc. sad)

Season 4 - Episode 70 - 08-06-2018
Dan out of an ER ambulance. Morning run. Jenga day for Casey, if he screws up something everything will fall apart. Jenga tower. Today 368 gaming meet...

2018-08-07 - i'm not good with this stuff

Season 4 - Episode 71 - 08-07-2018
A sad (but not so bad) sad story, actually kinda happy but still sad. Not a regular episode, a story he wants to share with the audience. It started f...

2018-08-08 - ARE THESE $1 Electric Scooters GOOD or DANGEROUS?

Season 4 - Episode 72 - 08-08-2018
Car ride in Los Angeles, California. Casey likes to stay next to the beach. He is here to do a shoot this morning for Kevin Hart show. Huge production...


Season 4 - Episode 73 - 08-09-2018
Casey is back in NYC. Morning run, 9am, he passed next many groups of people smoking pot. Who is smoking pot a 9am? 10 to 15 days every year of hot hu...


Season 4 - Episode 74 - 08-13-2018
Views of NYC, traffic, horns, today is the Samsung unpack event. Casey is excited. Think Coffee, Casey gets a bag. Back in his studio he opens it. Pre...

2018-08-14 - DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE.. running 4 marathons in a 7 days

Season 4 - Episode 75 - 08-14-2018
Casey and Candice plays Jenga. Casey runs shouting Maps. He runs with Maps Maponyane. In the studio Casey explains that he his freaking out every end ...

2018-08-15 - Galaxy Note 9 VS iPhone X - ULTIMATE VIDEO CAMERA COMPARISON

Season 4 - Episode 76 - 08-15-2018
Video call with Dan. Casey asks him if he had time to shoot the tech Tuesday intro. Today special episode to compare the video recording capabilities ...

2018-08-16 - i got hurt

Season 4 - Episode 77 - 08-16-2018
5:05am Casey is on a special mission. Car ride to pick Dan. He is back. Dan is Jet lagged. Tesla ride. Cape town was insane, his shoulder is healing. ...

2018-08-17 - Dear NYPD

Season 4 - Episode 78 - 08-17-2018
Dog with a gopro on the back in 368 space. Casey writes "a friendly request for the city of New York" on a red sheet of paper. 10 months ago a mad man...

2018-08-23 - MAVIC 2 PRO + ZOOM vs. MAVIC 1 - is it worth the $$$ ?

Season 4 - Episode 79 - 08-23-2018
Tech review Tuesday... even if today is Thursday. Press Embargo before today. Time to open the box. dji Mavic Pro 2 with 1" sensor. Mavic pro 2 zoom w...

2018-09-01 - this was a BAD idea

Season 4 - Episode 80 - 09-01-2018
Crime scene in the street, a fake one for a tv show. Cop car, but there are real cops around to be sure that there is no confusion. Prop pretzels and ...

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