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2018-05-26 - What Happened to the 368 Vlog?

Season 4 - Episode 38 - 05-26-2018
View in a very long metal corridor. The last days have been busy. Casey is in production mode, in England. With Bryan, he his making a documentary abo...


Season 4 - Episode 39 - 05-27-2018
Drone footage. Casey is happy to say that it is legally filmed. Casey's friends are waiting for him in 368 HQ. At 368, lots of construction noise. The...

2018-05-28 - The Pressure of being a YouTuber

Season 4 - Episode 40 - 05-28-2018
Raining today, so no normal run, gym instead. 7 eleven stop while Candice and Francine have a nap. Casey takes a bag of donuts and goes to Dan's apart...

2018-05-29 - Do You WANT TO WORK at 368?

Season 4 - Episode 41 - 05-29-2018
Liberty Science Center. Memorial Day. Kids don't have school this day. Tech review Tuesday. BoardUp not electric stkateboard. Not an ordinary one. It ...

2018-05-31 - FLexing so hard in our $299 Private Jet.

Season 4 - Episode 42 - 05-31-2018
Helicopters of the army. Drive to the airport. Today is a special episode, collab with Marques Brownlee from mkbhd. They have to fly to another city. ...


Season 4 - Episode 45 - 06-08-2018
Casey is with Justin in an hotel room in Las Vegas. Airport. Casey explains that it is not for a bachelor party but for science. Slots machines in the...

2018-06-09 - I FLEW THE FIRST FLYING CAR!!!!

Season 4 - Episode 46 - 06-09-2018
Radio conversation between the ground and Casey. He is taking off.He is flying. Two hours earlier before the sunrise. the aircraft has 8 electric moto...

2018-06-10 - I Tried to help him

Season 4 - Episode 47 - 06-10-2018
Casey asks Francine how she is interested by her baby sister. Summertime is here in NYC. Casey is on his way on the boosted board to meet friends. 156...

2018-06-12 - my FaVoriTE CELL PhonEs! (tech tuesday intro by Dan Mace)

Season 4 - Episode 48 - 06-12-2018
Candice wants to move to Texas more than to LA. Morning coffee. This conversation is still going for a very long time, but with the baby coming soon, ...

2018-06-13 - dear haters

Season 4 - Episode 49 - 06-13-2018
Casey and Dan walk into an empty space, unlock. It was the place dollar pizza was. It is open, no one inside. Restaurant review: two thumbs down. Then...

2018-06-15 - it's hard to make the good things last

Season 4 - Episode 50 - 06-15-2018
Casey explains in his studio that being a Youtuber is the greatest job, he can do things he could have ever imagined when he was a kid. The most impor...

2018-06-16 - 8,000 People Applied for 1 job at 368

Season 4 - Episode 51 - 06-16-2018
Introducing Casey, the tape player with personality! Commercial from the 80's. A guy in the street is grateful, just because he was able to wake up to...


Season 4 - Episode 52 - 06-20-2018
Dead shark in the bay. Today is Francine's dancers ballet dance recital. Later oustide Casey explains that they are proud parents, Francine danced thi...


Season 4 - Episode 54 - 06-26-2018
Trip by plane, familly trip to Los Angeles for Vidcon. Casey will try to get the Boosted Mini in the plane. He removes the battery and puts it in his ...

2018-06-26 - the PAINFUL TRUTH ABOUT 368 (my company. an emotional video)

Season 4 - Episode 67 - 06-26-2018
Still construction work in 368 HQ. Casey arrives with his electric bike, it is raining today. Paint stripping gun to dry his pants. Heart to heart tal...

2018-07-02 - Hospitalized

Season 4 - Episode 55 - 07-02-2018
21 hours in the hospital. Casey explains that he had a stomach ache, crippling. Maybe appendicitis, that's what Candice's dad thinks, he is a doctor. ...

2018-07-03 - SURF NEW YORK CITY

Season 4 - Episode 56 - 07-03-2018
Wax on surf boards before going into the East river. The police arrives immediately, the police officer says "Casey, you can't be swimming in the east...

2018-07-10 - all of the things

Season 4 - Episode 57 - 07-10-2018
368 on the road and family vacation. Casey has a lot to share. 3 days ago he was in Boise Idaho to give a talk at an event. He never knows if he did a...

2018-07-11 - THE GREATEST COMPACT CAMERA but is it worth $1200?

Season 4 - Episode 58 - 07-11-2018
Episode (almost) entirely shot with the Sony RX100 VI. So it may sounds and looks different.Unboxing (not shot with the RX100). He used it for about a...

2018-07-13 - i just miss him so much (not emotional)

Season 4 - Episode 59 - 07-13-2018
Marlan the UPS guy in the street. Morning run, Casey has not talked about that for a while. He mentioned his Olympic runner Roberto a while ago. He is...

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