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2018-04-25 - Couple's Therapy; WE'RE REALLY DOING IT

Season 4 - Episode 21 - 04-25-2018
Pigeon eating a slice of pizza on the sidewalk.. Views of NYC. Casey takes the subway, it is pouring rain, he can't break another boosted board. Today...

2018-04-26 - DAN SCREWED ME OVER. (this is a clickbait title)

Season 4 - Episode 22 - 04-26-2018
Views of NYC. Morning run with Roberto, olympic runner. They had an idea of something like Casey and Roberto's guide to running for new runners. It is...

2018-04-27 - She Saved Us

Season 4 - Episode 23 - 04-27-2018
Dan using a megaphone from the top office balcony at 368 HQ. Today Casey is going away. Barb wire around a parking lot. Prison, restaurant where you c...

2018-04-28 - this $90 water bottle has a Hi Def Video Camera

Season 4 - Episode 24 - 04-28-2018
Picture from a hidden camera in a water bottle. Views of NYC. Almost sunny outside. Tech review Tuesday. Electric bike ride to B&H camera store. They ...

2018-04-29 - VACATION did not go as planned : (

Season 4 - Episode 25 - 04-29-2018
Casey jumps in swimming pool. 368 on the road: Bermuda. 9:14am golf cart to go to breakfast. No plans today. Probably a lazy day. Post breakfast nap f...

2018-04-30 - TODAY IS THE DAY!!

Season 4 - Episode 26 - 04-30-2018
Get ready, today is the day the podcast is launched. It came out really well. It is also a way to give her time to talk without being edited by Casey....

2018-05-04 - Dear NYPD, FIX THE PROBLEM instead of punishing Cyclists

Season 4 - Episode 27 - 05-04-2018
Cop giving a ticket to a biker, Casey will try to talk to him. Casey got a ticket there yesterday because he was wearing headphones. Instead of spendi...

2018-05-05 - DJi Ronin-S a first look at this dope gimbal

Season 4 - Episode 43 - 05-05-2018
Racecar trick effect. Casey has seen a video on twitter and tried to reproduce it. Evan from The Nerdwriter is here, interview. Conversation about edi...

2018-05-06 - NO EXCUSES.

Season 4 - Episode 28 - 05-06-2018
When you compromise and you fail it really hurts. It hurts even more than failing at what you love. Casey buys food and make a breakfast at home. Then...

2018-05-06 - there's something we've been hiding from you.

Season 4 - Episode 44 - 05-06-2018
Phone call to Candice. Casey asks her if everything was ok this morning. Yes, so Casey can release the video. Casey leaves the studio. A very special ...

2018-05-07 - Is This Bike worth $2000? [SUPER 73 REVIEW]

Season 4 - Episode 29 - 05-07-2018
In the street Casey is on the electric bike. Super 73. Still no proper review for tech tuesday review. Dan has to travel back in time. He makes a time...

2018-05-08 - I ate $1000 GOLD CHICKEN WINGS!

Season 4 - Episode 30 - 05-08-2018
Casey has seen a video on Instagram with 24K gold plated chicken wings. Why does it exist? The restaurant is 10-20 blocks from his office. Casey takes...

2018-05-10 - hE maDe ME ChaNgE The TItlE

Season 4 - Episode 31 - 05-10-2018
Casey introduces Jack in the 368 studio. Electric bike ride to the 368 HQ, today Casey will tell the story of Dan Mace. In his studio Casey explains t...

2018-05-12 - Motorized PoGo STICK!!!

Season 4 - Episode 32 - 05-12-2018
No fun sticker becomes fun. Highway shut down. They are building a new huge tower. Some workers were stuck on scaffolding in the building. In the stud...

2018-05-14 - HELP WANTED

Season 4 - Episode 33 - 05-14-2018
The scoville scale is a measurement of heat in spicy foods. Tabasco is 2,000-5,000 on the scale. In the studio Dan has chocolate called instant regret...


Season 4 - Episode 34 - 05-15-2018
Casey calls Dan to ask him if he finished the tech Tuesday intro. No. Today lets talk about drones. One brand: dji. They dominate the market. But toda...

2018-05-16 - We had to call the police at 368

Season 4 - Episode 35 - 05-16-2018
Serious talk, someone went to Casey's studio before he arrives and did not want to leave. They have to call 911. Dan has made a video explaining to th...

2018-05-18 - NO VLOG

Season 4 - Episode 36 - 05-18-2018
Casey wants to jump over stairs with his electric bicycle and manage to do it. Dan tries the same thing with the boosted board. No vlog today because ...

2018-05-19 - A Shark Bit His Hand Off.

Season 4 - Episode 37 - 05-19-2018
Casey asks Dan how many pulls he can do: 4. A girl in 368 HQ does a lot more than Dan. Outside Casey explains that Dan expressed a desire to get more ...

2018-05-25 - This is what she wears to work

Season 4 - Episode 53 - 05-25-2018
Casey makes a new tattoo on his hand. Casey appears in a swimming pool in a street. Exterior work at 368 HQ, they are painting the facade. Best dad ev...

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