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2018-02-05 - tattoos, hitch-hiking and losing losers who lost

Season 3 - Episode 102 - 02-05-2018
Devastated, the tragic story of a guy who cheered for the losers. A story in 12 parts! Pennsylvania station. Casey is waiting his friend Joe so they c...


Season 3 - Episode 103 - 02-07-2018
On the beach in Bermuda. Then rolling on a chair in his studio. Casey explains that the video will be a behind the scene of the video he made in the B...

2018-02-08 - about Logan Paul

Season 3 - Episode 104 - 02-08-2018
Special report. In his studio Casey explain as an individual he was offended by what happend at the beginning of the year, but as a youtuber he was ne...

2018-02-12 - Interviewing the Head of YouTube Business

Season 3 - Episode 105 - 02-12-2018
This interview took place 12 days ago. Everything about Logan Paul was recorded before the last events, demonetization of his channel few days ago. Ro...

2018-02-13 - Black Panther; COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW [no spoilers]

Season 3 - Episode 106 - 02-13-2018
4:57 pm Casey has a little bit of time before the movie starts. He is a big fan of superhero movies but not all. He liked the first Batman from Tim B...

2018-02-14 - A Love Letter To Candice

Season 3 - Episode 107 - 02-14-2018
Heart shaped red cardboard. Casey explains that this will be a sappy love story video, he will make more skateboard drone videos soon. On his typewrit...

2018-02-14 - florida school shooting feb, 14 2018

Season 3 - Episode 108 - 02-14-2018
Casey had a fun video to post today, he'll post it tomorrow. Instead just a quick video to acknowledge the school shooting that took place yesterday i...

2018-02-16 - a family surprise

Season 3 - Episode 109 - 02-16-2018
New York City Friday February 16, 2018. Casey puts fur slippers in his apartment, opens a can of tuna, puts it in a bowl with Casey's hot sauce... for...

2018-02-21 - A Special Time

Season 3 - Episode 110 - 02-21-2018
6:03am Casey just finished his run. He drops his phone on the ground... again. The screen is broken. Car ride to JFK airport for Bermuda. No sign of C...


Season 3 - Episode 111 - 02-26-2018
Before the drone video, a little sneaker story. with Joe in a shop. He is shooting a video called sneaker shopping with complex. They talked sneakers ...

2018-02-28 - ‘Success’ on YouTube Still Means a Life of Poverty

Season 3 - Episode 112 - 02-28-2018
quote from Bloomberg: Do your children dream of YouTube stardom? Do them a favor: Crush that ambition now. !!! Casey strongly disagree. The article is...

2018-03-12 - this is a stupid update video

Season 3 - Episode 113 - 03-12-2018
Casey shows an amiibo mini vlogging Casey toy from Wii. It's been a while since his last vlog. Casey is not quitting like RomanAtWoods. He hasn't shar...

2018-04-04 - Some thoughts on the shooting at Youtube

Season 3 - Episode 114 - 04-04-2018
Today was the day Casey had planned to release the video announcing what he will be doing next on his YouTube channel. But yesterday he learned what h...

2018-04-05 - WHAT'S NEXT FOR ME ON YouTube !!

Season 3 - Episode 115 - 04-05-2018
A life lesson from Cool Hand Luke: you don't lose when you get knocked down, you lose when you don't get back up. Casey's longest break since he start...

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