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2017-10-07 - HYPE BEAST

Season 3 - Episode 62 - 10-07-2017
From his bedroom at home, Casey explains that today is a travel day. He is going to Toronto and is very excited. Supreme duffel bag from Louis Vuitton...


Season 3 - Episode 63 - 10-08-2017
Comprehensive review of Qatar business class. 12.5 hours flight from NYC to Doha (Qatar). Not an ad but the flight attendants recognized him Amenities...


Season 3 - Episode 64 - 10-12-2017
Good hotel buffet breakfast, drone views from the heliport on top of a building in Jakarta, Indonesia. Casey is here just for one day, 2 days to come,...


Season 3 - Episode 65 - 10-16-2017
Casey still thinks that Youtube is not doing enough for video creators. He made the following video a few days ago but did not post it because he thou...


Season 3 - Episode 66 - 10-17-2017
Not a real video nor vlog. On an hotel balcony he explains that he only uses this as an excuse to show good drone footage. Flight to Jakarta. 12:30 ho...

2017-10-20 - WE FINISHED THE MOVIE!!

Season 3 - Episode 67 - 10-20-2017
Boat ride. Casey talks about Marfa Texas where he was a few weeks ago with Max. Location scouting for Max Joseph movie. Today they shoot a part of the...

2017-10-23 - $200 MICRO BOOSTED BOARD

Season 3 - Episode 68 - 10-23-2017
76°F outside. 26 degrees above the normal. He needed an excuse to go outside for today's video. He moves his table to show all the parcels for mailti...

2017-10-26 - they TRASHED my studio

Season 3 - Episode 69 - 10-26-2017
Today is a very big day. Big event with Samsung. Lots of creators will be there. He is late for a lunch with them. Roy Bertie's. David Dober. The lunc...

2017-10-29 - STAR WARS SPEEDERS IN NYC making of!!

Season 3 - Episode 70 - 10-29-2017
Jesse + Casey's Star Wars 2017 Halloween video. Behind the scenes. Almost every year, Casey and Jesse do something a little bit crazy in NYC streets f...

2017-10-31 - Meeting My TWIN!!!

Season 3 - Episode 71 - 10-31-2017
2 things today. Viral video and headphones. After months of planning, days of shooting, today they are releasing the Star wars speeder video. Casey go...

2017-11-01 - NYC Terror Attack happened in front of my Apartment

Season 3 - Episode 72 - 11-01-2017
There was a terrorist attack 3 blocks away from his apartment. He was a bit shocked. He wants to share what his day was. It was on Halloween, they wer...

2017-11-02 - iPhone X - FIRST IN NYC TO GET - slept on the streets for 5 days

Season 3 - Episode 73 - 11-02-2017
Casey used to make a video every year about people who wait in line to buy the new iPhone. But these last years Apple hasn't produced an exciting enou...

2017-11-06 - Spending time with my Son

Season 3 - Episode 74 - 11-06-2017
In NYC airport Casey explains that he needs to spend time with Owen his older son. He takes a plane to San Francisco to give him a visit. Flight, rent...

2017-11-07 - JetBlue Mint FIRST CLASS REVIEW

Season 3 - Episode 75 - 11-07-2017
This afternoon Casey will fly jetblue mint first class. not a paid advertisement. Economy class from Jetblue is his the best economy. Minty cocktail,...


Season 3 - Episode 76 - 11-09-2017
Initial thoughts on the iPhone X. Lots of people asked him this video. He is more an Android guy but he always carry and Android phone and an iPhone. ...


Season 3 - Episode 77 - 11-12-2017
Candice and Casey have an idea. They are going to their therapy. They are planning to make a Candice and Casey podcast. The title will be something li...

2017-11-15 - DON'T SAY STUPID

Season 3 - Episode 78 - 11-15-2017
Today began in midtown. Subway ride with a boosted board with him. Quick meeting, then back to the studio. He meets people while doing timelapses in T...

2017-11-16 - really terrible news

Season 3 - Episode 79 - 11-16-2017
not a regular upload. Casey just wants to share a bad news. OVer a year ago he had Marlon his UPS guy in his studio to talk about his sister sick in S...

2017-11-17 - Single Serving Friends

Season 3 - Episode 80 - 11-17-2017
You wake up in any airport, loosing or gaining an hour. You wake up in a different place, as a different person. Single serving everything, single ser...

2017-11-20 - Peter Mckinnon teaches me to VLog (in AMSTERDAM)

Season 3 - Episode 81 - 11-20-2017
Butter and other breakfast food. Champagne, french toasts. Amsterdam. He is with Peter MacKinnon. They are near to the place where he proposed to Cand...

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