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Season 3 - Episode 43 - 06-27-2017
Casey in the streets, shouting with Marlon the UPS guy, Marlon is Wesley Snipes. Views of NYC. Cab ride, Casey opens the roof of the cab to have more...

2017-06-28 - Candice's REACTION TO THE FRANCE MOVIE

Season 3 - Episode 44 - 06-28-2017
His pants should be ready today. Stop at Juice Press, he explains that his pants has been repairs and today he will be able to pick them up. Back in t...

2017-06-29 - sad story

Season 3 - Episode 45 - 06-29-2017
Morning run. 9:59am with Jimmy Conrad. He is leaving for San Francisco. Casey 2 times 8.5 miles. Back home, Goodnight Casey pillow case. Travel day. H...

2017-07-11 - WE GOT A BABY GOAT!!!

Season 3 - Episode 46 - 07-11-2017
Candice holding a baby goat in her arms. plane landing on the water. Morning run. He usually runs with big Beats headphones but with sweat they are de...


Season 3 - Episode 46b - 07-13-2017
Morning run, Casey is waiting for Van. 13.5 miles. He is running a lot these days. He had a lot a questions about running, he will make a video about ...

2017-07-14 - ALONE IN AN AIRPORT

Season 3 - Episode 47 - 07-14-2017
5am run, 10k before the sun rises. Today is a travel vlog. Car ride to Laguardia airport. Casey takes some cash to the ATM to tip the driver. In the t...

2017-07-19 - She's a Blind YouTuber

Season 3 - Episode 48 - 07-19-2017
Heat advise. Sunny day, 100°F. Billy Idol song inspiration. Boosted board in the traffic, going through narrow spaces between the cars. In the studio...

2017-07-26 - MY NEW SUNGLSSES..

Season 3 - Episode 49 - 07-26-2017
Harbour, morning run, gigantic boat. Selfies. Casey likes NYC for many reasons, but having this kind of ship in town is one of these reasons. People a...


Season 3 - Episode 52 - 08-04-2017
5:42am yatch during his morning run. 4.5 miles gray sky, a big storm is coming. Later this day in a cab under the rain with Francine. It will be a tra...


Season 3 - Episode 52b - 08-05-2017
Marfa, Texas, Part 2 of the location scouting. Early morning, quick run. Map to scout for locations. Car ride with Max and 2 other guys. It is for a m...

2017-08-09 - Minor Accident, no one was hurt ; )

Season 3 - Episode 51 - 08-09-2017
Construction work, huge helicopter landing on a pier during his morning run. In his studio Casey is typing on his typewriter. Candice asked him to alw...


Season 3 - Episode 53 - 08-24-2017
Casey in front on an Uber car asking for the driver to wait. Morning run with Sean. Sean is struggling, Casey loose him at mile 2. Car ride to a Samsu...

2017-08-25 - ABOUT THE NOTE 8

Season 3 - Episode 54 - 08-25-2017
Boosted board ride behind a fast BMW car. Today Casey wants to talk about the new Samsung Note 8. The only thing people are interested in is the compa...


Season 3 - Episode 55 - 09-06-2017
During his morning run and boosted board ride to his studio Casey explains that he needs to address something important today. In the street a girl is...


Season 3 - Episode 56 - 09-07-2017
At the airport Casey explains that there is a bit of a situation (part 2). Casey brought his running shoes because he didn't have time to run this mor...

2017-09-08 - BAD PARENTS

Season 3 - Episode 57 - 09-08-2017
Santa Monica. Got a bit of a situation part 3. Epic conclusion. Casey explains that after their Disney cruise ship was cancelled due to hurricane Irma...


Season 3 - Episode 58 - 09-25-2017
48 hours trip to Germany and back. Casey shows every hour of this trip.NYC uber ride to Newark airport. 2 hour drive. Casey is too late to check in bu...

2017-09-26 - i have a problem

Season 3 - Episode 59 - 09-26-2017
Casey was in Denver Colorado yesterday. Freezing morning run. Casey will speak at Dever startup week. He can see himself living here. Drone views of D...

2017-09-27 - finding out i can never run again

Season 3 - Episode 60 - 09-27-2017
In his studio Casey makes us listen the noise of his knee. Not a fun and positive movie. Footage from his morning runs. Radiology center. Casey is not...

2017-10-02 - learning the prognosis

Season 3 - Episode 61 - 10-02-2017
In his sutdio, Casey explains that his doctor got his MRI so he can call him to lean what the prognosis is. Voicemail. In fact he got an email earlier...

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