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2017-02-12 - An Extraordinary Guy

Season 2b - Episode 21 - 02-12-2017
Casey arrives on a stage, he explains to the audience that he is using a new camera and he just realized that all the previous shots were made with ma...

2017-02-13 - PewDiePie vs. Free Speech

Season 2b - Episode 22 - 02-13-2017
In his studio Casey shows a sign telling "Youtube Drama". Many creators talks about the other main Youtube creators, Casey tries to avoid it but today...


Season 2b - Episode 23 - 02-18-2017
Santa Monica. Sinkane record playing on a turntable in Max's apartment. Today there will be a big storm, they should make a video about that. On the b...


Season 2b - Episode 24 - 02-19-2017
Los Angeles. Drone crash into Casey's camera. Views of the beach. Santa Monica. Today he is going to visit 2 of his favorite youtubers. Sacramento. Fi...


Season 2b - Episode 25 - 02-21-2017
Self-lacing, battery operated motorized sneakers. Casey opens the box he received from Nike. and tries them. Happy. Casey wanted to make a video about...

2017-02-23 - Jimmy Was Shot In The Head

Season 2b - Episode 26 - 02-23-2017
Casey asks his friend Jimmy if he can explain how he was shot in the head. The story of a soldier who received a bullet frament that was shot to his h...

2017-02-26 - My Academy Award Television COmmercial

Season 2b - Episode 27 - 02-26-2017
Backstage of an ad video making. In 2017 the academy awards will celebrate zero youtubers. Hair and makeup before a video shoot. A commercial for Sams...

2017-02-28 - What Happened to my HyperAdapt's ???

Season 2b - Episode 28 - 02-28-2017
Quick update video on the other video he made ealier about the crazy new Nike self lacing shoes. At the end of the video he explained that he wanted t...

2017-03-07 - DO WHAT YOU CAN'T

Season 2b - Episode 29 - 03-07-2017
Casey at the bottom of a ladder in an helicopter ove Los Angeles. Casey's seventh-grade vice principals, to everyone who's ever told anyone with a dre...

2017-03-12 - Nintendo Switch on an Airplane

Season 2b - Episode 30 - 03-12-2017
Casey explains what a swish pan is, it is when you whip the camera quickly away from the subject, it can make for a satisfying transition. He shows us...

2017-03-15 - NYC BLizzard FAILURE

Season 2b - Episode 31 - 03-15-2017
Casey shows video excerpts of his winter 2014 video where he was snowboarding in the streets of NYC. 3 years ago. Yesterday was a huge blizzard day, t...


Season 2b - Episode 32 - 03-16-2017
In his studio Casey tells a story about the power of leverage of social media for something good. Casey goes in the subway and explains that last nigh...

2017-03-20 - YouTube Loyalty

Season 2b - Episode 33 - 03-20-2017
Casey using his boosted board in the melted snow. They push the snow back on the road so it melts fasterHorrible for boosted boards. Morning run with ...

2017-03-21 - CANDICE IS BACK!!

Season 2b - Episode 34 - 03-21-2017
Candice has a new haircut. Morning run, a guy walking dogs. Rolls Royce. Shower. Casey explains that the carpet comes today. Stop at the Beme office. ...

2017-03-22 - Minor Studio Accident

Season 2b - Episode 35 - 03-22-2017
In his studio Casey tries to go down stairs on the one big wheel hoverboard. He falls on the ground. Timelapse of the sunrise. Windy morning run. 15 d...

2017-03-23 - HE'S FINALLY HERE!

Season 2b - Episode 36 - 03-23-2017
Marlan, the UPS guy is at the door. Morning run, it is cold today, third day of spring but it is even colder than yesterday. Packed morning, one of th...

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