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2016-09-10 - WE KISSED!!

Season 2 - Episode 161 - 09-10-2016
On the boosted board, A bicycle almost crashed into Casey. Saturday, family day. Quick run, 5 or 6 miles. He almost forgot his camera. Wearing long sl...

2016-09-11 - INCREDIBLE First Class BAR AND SHOWER!!!

Season 2 - Episode 162 - 09-11-2016
In an airplane, business class, Champagne. 8:27am Casey is late for leaving the apartment to go to the airport because he played with Francine. He sho...


Season 2 - Episode 163 - 09-12-2016
Dubai. Casey inside a Lamborghini car for an acceleration test. 11 hours layover. He plans to take advantage of every minute. He is picked up at the a...


Season 2 - Episode 164 - 09-13-2016
Dubai. Casey open a suitcase in an hotel room. 5am he packs and leave the hotel room. Breakfast. When he goes out of the hotel the camera instantly fo...

2016-09-14 - i FINALLY MADE IT!

Season 2 - Episode 165 - 09-14-2016
Sidney, Australia. On the coast, a woman is jumping over rocks. In the hotel room Casey is preparing for being picked up for the rehearsal of the YouT...

2016-09-15 - MY BIG MOMENT!

Season 2 - Episode 166 - 09-15-2016
Sidney, Australia. Morning run. toasted car in the middle of a roundabout (sculpture). 6:51am in the hotel room, ready for his run. Great city for ru...

2016-09-16 - MY BOOSTED BOARD WAS TAKEN. never getting it back

Season 2 - Episode 167 - 09-16-2016
Sidney, Australia. Fans. One has Casey's boosted board. Last day in Sidney. Breakfast with a view. Youtube had planned lots of stuff before the event ...

2016-09-17 - THE $21,000 FIRST CLASS AIRPLANE SEAT

Season 2 - Episode 168 - 09-17-2016
Motorized door in his first class seat. Trip back from Dubai to NYC. He was upgraded from business to first class. Snacks, night kit in a carton box. ...

2016-09-19 - GOPRO DRONE!!! Karma flying in NYC

Season 2 - Episode 169 - 09-19-2016
No vlog yesterday but a special video to show that even if there were terrorist attacks in NYC, the life continues in New York City, regardless of wha...

2016-09-20 - My Crazy Night In New York City

Season 2 - Episode 170 - 09-20-2016
Casey tries to move the headreast at the back of his car and breaks it. Tuesday noon and he has just finished his run, probably still a remaining of t...

2016-09-21 - Customize Your Vlogging Camera with a Circular Saw

Season 2 - Episode 171 - 09-21-2016
A bird, a parrot on the shoulder of a guy biking in the street. 7.17 miles morning run. Back home. Stop at Juice Press. Raw organic vegan smoothie. He...


Season 2 - Episode 172 - 09-22-2016
Flooding in NYC. Video trick: backwards erasing color pencils with water. Today is a very special edition, dedicated to Hurricane Sandy. 1 month away ...

2016-09-23 - THEY GAVE US A BMW!!

Season 2 - Episode 173 - 09-23-2016
A small door, Casey is curiois, it is an attic. Candice locks Casey inside. Today they leave the city. Candice is almost ready, Casey not at all. Fran...

2016-09-24 - BABY GOT BACK!

Season 2 - Episode 174 - 09-24-2016
Nantucket. While Casey is talking about the great people he has met, he sees a bride and groom being pictured for their wedding. 9:06am and the baby i...

2016-09-25 - CONGRATS OSCAR!!

Season 2 - Episode 175 - 09-25-2016
Nantucket. In a restaurant, Casey "drinks" a candle, a LED one of course. Drone views over the port and the island. Morning prep. Last day in Nantucke...

2016-09-26 - MY BALDNESS

Season 2 - Episode 176 - 09-26-2016
NoseFrida baby nose pump. The snotsucker gets boogers out. Candice explains Casey how it works. Jacket and sweater. First time since may. Raw vegan ju...

2016-09-27 - GREATEST DRONE EVER!! DJi Mavic Pro

Season 2 - Episode 177 - 09-27-2016
At the DJI event, Casey looks at the new drone, he asks a guy next to him what he thinks about it. Car ride with Francine to the school. Casey gives F...

2016-09-28 - DJi MAVIC vs. PHANTOM 4 vs. GOPRO KARMA side by side comparison in 4k

Season 2 - Episode 178 - 09-28-2016
Today's video is in 4K. Casey saying hi to a man in a truck. Morning run. The clouds are going fast. Casey is not wearing shoes because he uses them t...

2016-09-29 - he needs a little help

Season 2 - Episode 179 - 09-29-2016
Casey and Candice in their car, Candice is talking to Oscar who is in the street. Today is a travel day, he rides his boosted board to work like a reg...

2016-09-30 - five million

Season 2 - Episode 180 - 09-30-2016
Nashville TenesseNashville, Tenesse. During his boosted board ride a fan recognizes him and say "oh my gosh, Casey!" View above the the swimming pool ...

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