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2016-05-23 - $1000 SCISSORS

Season 2 - Episode 61 - 05-23-2016
Casey, wearing a tuxedo, singing Happy birthday to Marlon the UPS guy.Boosted board ride to the studio. He explains that he has a photo shoot this mor...

2016-05-24 - Airplane NIGHTMARE

Season 2 - Episode 62 - 05-24-2016
Uber driver explaining that he likes this country, it is a good country. Casey FPV brushing his teeth and shaving. He goes to work on his boosted boar...

2016-05-25 - it was my first time

Season 2 - Episode 63 - 05-25-2016
London, England. Casey waking up in the airplane. Airport views, the plane arrives in Heathrow. Because the plane was late, he missed his connection, ...

2016-05-26 - busted for ILLEGAL WAKEBOARDING

Season 2 - Episode 64 - 05-26-2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands. 5:19am view from his hotel bedroom. A car is here to pick him up at the hotel. The idea is Casey wakeboarding in the canal, we...

2016-05-27 - CAUGHT Skinny Dipping in the Canals

Season 2 - Episode 65 - 05-27-2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands. Tiny car in the street and a puppy at the back. Drone views above Amsterdam. In his hotel room, 7am, Casey was up until 2am. E...

2016-05-28 - WEED ENERGY DRINK!!

Season 2 - Episode 66 - 05-28-2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands. Cans of drinks in a fridge, Cannabis beer, Cannabis energy drink. Next to them, Cannabis lollipops, candy, dark chocolate... F...

2016-05-29 - bad date

Season 2 - Episode 67 - 05-29-2016
Fancy yellow car. Cruise ship in the east river. Boat race. Francine walking everywhere while eating an apple. Boat ride. Candice had a fight with the...

2016-05-30 - working out?

Season 2 - Episode 68 - 05-30-2016
A guy working out with a barrier. Cheaper than a gym membership. Lots of clouds this morning. Memorial day. National holiday. 2:31pm he just left the ...


Season 2 - Episode 69 - 05-31-2016
Candice climbing the slope of the garage. Casey asks if she includes this in her workout. 11:15am on a workday, Casey is just leaving the house. Boost...

2016-06-01 - everyone is mad at me

Season 2 - Episode 70 - 06-01-2016
Casey and Francine shooping at the grocery store. Casey explains that they only buy products who have Elmo on them. Francine says Elmo. Casey was with...


Season 2 - Episode 71 - 06-02-2016
Casey with Shonduras, Samsung logo reflection on his sunglasses. Morning run. He wants to put more fitness in the vlog. He meets his running coach. Ve...

2016-06-03 - my kid's SENIOR PROM

Season 2 - Episode 72 - 06-03-2016
Casey asks the fans around him to say something interesting. One guy's birthday. 8am, bad weather. Ben his coach is there. NYPD, car accident. 10.0 mi...

2016-06-04 - Candice is such a BABE

Season 2 - Episode 73 - 06-04-2016
New London, Connecticut. Candice and Casey on a ferryboat. 7am morning run. Today will be a total chaos. Today's run: speed workout. Vangelis music. N...

2016-06-05 - GOT A DELOREAN !!

Season 2 - Episode 74 - 06-05-2016
Belfast, Ireland. Fans talking at Casey. Almost there, in the plane with Shon, they land soon. Shon is like a 6 years old in a plane, he has made frie...


Season 2 - Episode 75 - 06-06-2016
Belfast, Ireland. Casey and Shon messing ug in the street with skateboards and ropes. Early morning in his hotel room. 7:15am, he speaks later today b...

2016-06-07 - 2 Dudes, A Sauna and a Video Camera

Season 2 - Episode 76 - 06-07-2016
Belfast, Ireland. Casey in a sauna with Shon, shooting lots of videos while there are other people in the SPA too. Dronve views above the fancy hotel ...


Season 2 - Episode 77 - 06-08-2016
Oscar and CAsey in the street. A guy is singing behind them. Before his morning run. 7:45am. The baby woke up at 5, no problem for him being so jet la...


Season 2 - Episode 78 - 06-09-2016
Casey joking about these guys with their stupid tiny car. He laughs with 2 cops around him. Morning run. Special running guest: Nev. Then stop at juic...

2016-06-10 - proudest moment of my life

Season 2 - Episode 79 - 06-10-2016
Francine pulling a dog plush with the leash, climbing the stairs. Morning in the apartment. Action packed day. Car ride to Connecticut. Stop at the Ta...

2016-06-11 - HYSTERICAL WATER SPIT CHALLENGE.. and a graduation party

Season 2 - Episode 80 - 06-11-2016
New London, Connecticut. Casey, giving instructions do Candice who holds his camera. If she wants to do it, she has to do it right. Today they are hos...

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