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2016-10-01 - FAMILY TRIP!!

Season 2 - Episode 181 - 10-01-2016
Casey shows a vandalized billboard with a mustache that comes under the nose of a girl when the ad moves in its position. Vandalism but so funny. At h...

2016-10-02 - SHE FREAKed OUT

Season 2 - Episode 182 - 10-02-2016
Houston Texas, Candice points at a huge scaffolding asking if they did that in case something falls. Casey says he sees no car, no car at all... behin...

2016-10-03 - And She's Gone

Season 2 - Episode 183 - 10-03-2016
Houston Texas. They are ready to leave the house. In the morning Casey opens the curtains. He hates goodbye. Candice and Francine are boing east, he i...


Season 2 - Episode 184 - 10-04-2016
Los Angeles. Casey going down a rope ladder in an helicopter. 4:45am in the hotel room. Casey leaves the hotel with Cedric his driver. He explained ho...

2016-10-05 - my DJI MAVIC DRONE is GONE

Season 2 - Episode 185 - 10-05-2016
Los Angeles. Casey jumps out of a building to escape. He wears the pajamas of the hotel and really like them, they will probably become his favorite p...

2016-10-06 - $399 FOLDABLE 4K POCKET DRONE!!

Season 2 - Episode 186 - 10-06-2016
Casey in front of his office building with a mini drone. Elevator timelaspe. So good to be back in NYC. Lots of meetings this morning. First in midtow...

2016-10-07 - AUTO LACING NIKE MAGS FOR $10

Season 2 - Episode 187 - 10-07-2016
Casey shows his new pair of Nike shoes that auto tight the laces. In his studio he shows a polystyrene box someone sent him, 2 live lobsters inside. B...

2016-10-08 - NOT a regular vlog

Season 2 - Episode 188 - 10-08-2016
People running in the alley, not real, it's a movie that is shot. Home, lots of pompoms on the floor. Francine and Candice are asleep. Owen is home fo...

2016-10-09 - MY OWN LEAR JET!!

Season 2 - Episode 189 - 10-09-2016
Casey going inside a private jet. At home Casey takes a hat and leaves for a long run, Candice reminds him daily that he is getting fat. Cold. Manhatt...

2016-10-11 - $151,797 in one day

Season 2 - Episode 190 - 10-11-2016
No vlog October 10th, he made a very short video about the coming presidential elections called "who i'm voting for president". It was also a clever w...


Season 2 - Episode 191 - 10-12-2016
On his boosted board, he almost falls on the ground in the street. In his studio he explains that he is often asked who are his favorite youtubers. Te...


Season 2 - Episode 192 - 10-13-2016
In his studio Casey tries to put together what looks like an electric skateboard. He starts is with a remote and the skateboard goes away, alone, with...

2016-10-14 - Girls Making Trouble

Season 2 - Episode 193 - 10-14-2016
Candice in the private jet. Francine screaming. Home, Francine pushes the play button of a CD player to listen to music. Every morning it starts like ...

2016-10-15 - SO GLAD WE DID THIS!

Season 2 - Episode 194 - 10-15-2016
Watch Hill. With Roy, tired, They want to go somewhere but the door is closed. Sunrise. Lobby free coffee but they are not very well dressed. Beautifu...


Season 2 - Episode 195 - 10-16-2016
Watch Hill. Barbie doll in the swimming pool. Nobody wants to run with Casey this morning, solo run. Misquamicut, another city than were they are is h...

2016-10-17 - $550 FOLDABLE 4K NOTEBOOK DRONE

Season 2 - Episode 196 - 10-17-2016
In his studio, Casey looks at a strange black plastic thing: a foldable drone. During his morning run with Nev, a dredge cleans the bottom of the rive...

2016-10-18 - BIRTHDAY DATE CRISIS (with a happy ending)

Season 2 - Episode 197 - 10-18-2016
Casey offers to Candice to organize tonight's date: dinner, barbecue, pho tai or something like that. Candice leaves. Short morning run. Later this mo...


Season 2 - Episode 198 - 10-19-2016
Candice in a fairground attraction, screaming and screaming. Morning run at an unusual place. East side. Normaly New Jersey is behind him, today it is...

2016-10-21 - something i've been holding back

Season 2 - Episode 199 - 10-21-2016
Casey talking to a guy (probably next to an heliport), they missed their flight. It is pouring rain. No one is running except him. 10 miles. Very wet ...

2016-10-22 - what's most important

Season 2 - Episode 200 - 10-22-2016
Casey, with a beard, 10 years younger, hiking behind an armed escort guy. Episode 200. Tom&Jerry explosion. But today will be a regular episode, not a...

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