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Season 1 - Episode 321 - 02-09-2016
Live effect on Casey and Francine faces: face swap. Francine starts to cry. Kat is coming this morning to take picture of themselves. Casey changes th...

2016-02-10 - She's Not a Stripper.

Season 1 - Episode 322 - 02-10-2016
Casey makes signs to someone outside of his studio through the open window. He wants to make a really great movie but it needs blue sky and bright sun...


Season 1 - Episode 323 - 02-11-2016
Casey crashed its dji phantom 4 drone. In the studio he opens some selfie stick boxes, he takes his drone backpack with both the dji and the Parrot. I...


Season 1 - Episode 324 - 02-12-2016
Casey removing a shelf part on his wall where the red boxes where. Weather alert for the cold. No problem for him. In the studio he shows that the fla...

2016-02-13 - STAGE FRIGHT!!

Season 1 - Episode 325 - 02-13-2016
Baltimore. Casey talking about Francine in front of a group of screaming fans. Morning in the hotel room. He sounds sick. No idea what the girls will ...

2016-02-14 - She Picked a Fight on Valentine's Day

Season 1 - Episode 326 - 02-14-2016
Baltimore. Candice is running fast. 8:48am in the hotel room.Train is at 9:24am but they just woke up. Fast ride to the train station, when they arriv...


Season 1 - Episode 327 - 02-15-2016
Jack in the basement of the Beme office. He explains that when he arrived it was Niagara falls. Holiday. Presidence day. Nobody works. That's stupid. ...

2016-02-16 - i shouldn't have gone out.

Season 1 - Episode 328 - 02-16-2016
Bouquet of roses with a happy valentine's day note. The pipe flooding thing yesterday was an unwelcome distraction, it takes time to fix. In his studi...

2016-02-17 - FINALLY DID IT

Season 1 - Episode 329 - 02-17-2016
Dentist instruments. Casey says he will never eat sugar again. Juice Press, vegetable and fruits. Elevator. Appointement to another dentist. After, in...

2016-02-18 - Just the two of us

Season 1 - Episode 330 - 02-18-2016
4:07am in the apartment, today is a travel vlog. Trip to the airport with Candice. Check-in in the American Airlines business place.Lounge. Candice wa...

2016-02-19 - Her Worst Sunburn!!!

Season 1 - Episode 331 - 02-19-2016
Panama city. Candice on the beach realizing that they are far. Hotel bedroom. 5:15am Casey explains that they are here only for 3 days, and they want ...

2016-02-20 - Stuck in an Indigenous Tribe Canoe

Season 1 - Episode 332 - 02-20-2016
Panama city. Casey's camera falls on the ground. Candice is still in the bed, she looks red. This morning. Jungle expedition, canoe. Candice took food...

2016-02-21 - ROCKET SHOES!

Season 1 - Episode 333 - 02-21-2016
A guy giving food to pigeons in the street. The vlog starts in the plane at 4:45am, they arrive in NYC. Cab ride to the apartment. 4 hours of sleep. O...


Season 1 - Episode 334 - 02-22-2016
A guy launching parcels out of a truck. Monday. He arrives in his studio, takes a ladder and climbs to put every Mac he owns on a table. He explains h...

2016-02-23 - COOLEST DRONE

Season 1 - Episode 335 - 02-23-2016
Casey's face on a big screen. New lens on his camera. Better ? At the studio he takes masking take, covers some parts of his drone and paint it pink a...

2016-02-24 - is she making fun of me?

Season 1 - Episode 336 - 02-24-2016
Garbage bag in the street with light things inside (paper? cans?) blown by the wind (also by Candice shooting in it). Raining. Unicycle in the studio....


Season 1 - Episode 337 - 02-25-2016
The vlog will end in 21 hours, 3,200 miles fron NYC. Full day today. In the street on the boosted board he crosses a fennwich with a pile of plywood s...

2016-02-26 - FEELING iT!!!

Season 1 - Episode 338 - 02-26-2016
Los Angeles. Door closed, Casey has to climb over the terrace walls to leave the hotel room and go next to the pool. Parrot Drone flight over the hote...

2016-02-27 - INSANE SUPERFAN!

Season 1 - Episode 339 - 02-27-2016
Los Angeles. A woman's outfit, everything about the oscars on it. Hotel room tour. Bathroom, toilet with electronic butt washed, desk, minibar, maxi b...


Season 1 - Episode 340 - 02-28-2016
Los Angeles. Real size BB8 rolling on the floard. Boosted board in the hotel room. Oscar day. Haircut by Jelly on the parking lot of the hotel. Sign m...

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