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2015-09-21 - iPhone 6S Video Test 4k!

Season 1 - Episode 181 - 09-21-2015
Today's episode is entirely shot with the new iPhone 6S in 4k. Views of the box of the Apple phone. He goes in the street with Jack assisting him. The...

2015-09-22 - Haters Are Losers

Season 1 - Episode 182 - 09-22-2015
At home, Francine is watching a cartoon on a phone. Casey says bye to Candice. Short trip to the studio to take his boosted board. Breakfast at the us...

2015-09-23 - SKATEBOARD SUICIDE RUN | 5th Ave Rush Hour

Season 1 - Episode 183 - 09-23-2015
Casey trying to charge his boosted board on a wall outlet in the street. Today, collaboration with a youtuber. 360 boosted race. He wanted to try the ...

2015-09-24 - Bowling Shoe Beer Chugging

Season 1 - Episode 184 - 09-24-2015
Outside at night on the boosted board, Casey wears a light belt. He leaves tomorrow for the OFF Festival in Mexico city. Meetings and emails for the w...

2015-09-25 - Hover Boards in the Airport

Season 1 - Episode 185 - 09-25-2015
Very tall bicycle in the street. Only 3 hours of sleep. Morning run. At home, saying bye to Candice and Francine. 10:06am he should have left the apar...

2015-09-26 - Caught in Mob Mexico City

Season 1 - Episode 186 - 09-26-2015
Mexico City, people disguised as catchers on a motorcycle. View from the hotel: it sucks. Breakfast. Hip hop music at 7am. He doesn't speak spanish, t...


Season 1 - Episode 187 - 09-27-2015
Mexico City. You know you are in San Francisco when in the airport you see a "Check out our Yoga room" sign. Saturday morning. New 360 video, he wants...

2015-09-28 - SUPERPOWERED Motorized Couch

Season 1 - Episode 188 - 09-28-2015
San Francisco. Casey orders coffee from his hotel room. Emails during 2.5 hours, then morning run, in San Francisco bay in front of the Golden bridge....

2015-09-29 - 3 MacBook Pros in 3 Months

Season 1 - Episode 189 - 09-29-2015
San Francisco. Casey is late for meeting Matt. He won't film during the meetings. Quick stop to the Apple store, his laptop had a critical failure thi...

2015-09-30 - How to Get Into Any Hotel Pool

Season 1 - Episode 190 - 09-30-2015
San Francisco. A guy bumped a nice yellow Camaro car while parking it. Last day in SF. Matt is waiting for him. Non stop meetings today. Casey used th...

2015-10-01 - Skateboard Speed Record at the Beach

Season 1 - Episode 191 - 10-01-2015
San Francisco. Casey wants to move there for the weather. Late to pack up for taking a plane. But before, an extra meeting. Donut place in SF, flight ...

2015-10-02 - You Can't Wear That To A Wedding

Season 1 - Episode 192 - 10-02-2015
Los Angeles. In a shop, Candice is buying cakes that she thinks are really good. They stay at Candice's sister's house. Francine is awake. They play o...

2015-10-03 - She's More Fun After Tequila

Season 1 - Episode 193 - 10-03-2015
Los Angeles. In the lobby of the hotel, Candice shows her hene tatoo. They want to take breakfast. He rushes to join her back, it was supposed to be a...

2015-10-04 - Never Get Into A Stranger's Maserati

Season 1 - Episode 194 - 10-04-2015
Lost Angeles. A fan in a BMW says hello while he rides his boosted board. They leave today. He packs, he is slow at packing, Candice has already left ...

2015-10-05 - Candy From Strangers?

Season 1 - Episode 195 - 10-05-2015
In the plane to NYC. Back in New York City. 4.5 hours flight so not that much of sleep. Uber ride back home. Alone. He has half a day of work today an...

2015-10-06 - Filming in a First Class Lounge

Season 1 - Episode 196 - 10-06-2015
Uber driver. Last night was the first time for more than a week that he had a proper night of sleep. 7:30 hours of sleep. Short day at the office then...

2015-10-07 - I Lost It All

Season 1 - Episode 197 - 10-07-2015
Madrid, Spain. He is 99% sure he deleted the entire day of vlogging material. cmd+Z after copying files deleted all files. He is in Madrid to talk at ...

2015-10-08 - Guy Smoking on a Plane

Season 1 - Episode 198 - 10-08-2015
Madrid. 100 percent clickbait title, a guy behind him in a plane is having a cigarette. A real one but unlit. At dawn he goes out for a run. Freezing ...

2015-10-09 - GoPro Did Something Incredible

Season 1 - Episode 199 - 10-09-2015
A guy is shooting pictures or videos under heavy rain with his cellphone in the street. He lost his running earphones, so today big heavy sweaty earph...

2015-10-10 - Everything Caught Fire!

Season 1 - Episode 200 - 10-10-2015
In the New London house Casey is looking for big fireworks with Owen. They only find small ones. Casey uses them for a special title for the 200th vlo...

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