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Episode number 6 from season 6.

2022-10-05 - The Secret Door

Season 6 - Episode 6 - 10-05-2022
Too gloomy to make a video outside. Casey wants to talk about the studio. 13.5 feet by 19 feet. 256.5 sq feet. Enough but not enough. Before leaving NYC to LA he put a wall in the studio to make it smaller and only rent the space he needs to keep his stuff. He has the space back. The bad news is that there is stuff everywhere inside. It is more like a storage facility now. He constantly has to move from one space to the other to pick stuff. He needs to open the wall. HE goes to the 368 space. Casey is looking for Jordan. He finds Dan Mace and struggle to find Jordan. They plan to make a secret door. It is temporary because it will only be used while he makes a proper space. They remove the stuff that is on the wall and cut it. Casey goes through the wall. The frame is ok, then they have to build a proper door. He takes hinges from a box, attach them to the door and that's it. Simple handle to lock it. Casey really likes it, it is fun!

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