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Episode number 3 from season 6.

2022-09-20 - MY NEW LIFE IN NYC

Season 6 - Episode 3 - 09-20-2022
Marlin in the street. just before 6am, Casey is still running every day. Later on his boosted board. Lots of people welcoming him back. Details on the how and why this return to New York City. It was not that they don't like Los Angeles, it is that it made them realize how much they love NYC and miss it. The whole family. When covid hit it was quite tough in NYC and CAsey had troubles to have good and verified information. And that's one thing he is good at, being there when it's tough. He likes being there. 3 weeks they are here, every morning is like Christmas. Mobile weather car, seems built for tornadoes. Extreme pogo sticking in the street. Gliding on the pavement, flips. It feels right for him to be here. Coffee stop at Think Coffee. He missed having his own space. He really likes his studio. People hanging from the top of a building to clean the windows. HE has a new neighbor one flight up. Candice has an office. Troubles with her Instagram account. Casey has been in his studio for 20 years. Definition of Muse. He is sure than NYC is Casey's muse, his source of inspiration. Rainbow. He has never seen that in New York City in 20 years.

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