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Episode number 2 from season 6.


Season 6 - Episode 2 - 09-15-2022
Video sponsored by Joby. He uses the Gorillapod and their microphone. Surf with Pete Gustin, a blind surfer. He found him on Instagram while he was trying himself to learn to surf, which is very hard. Casey meets him. He was born with a degenerative eye disorder and lost his vision quickly. He can just feel light and dark. HE is a voice-over artist for TV commercial, movies. He demonstrates different pitches he can use to emphase the hero side or the sensitiveness of the story, or action... He does all by himself: recording, editing, producing. He uses Pro Tools, he demonstrates how he does it. He has 1.41 million subscribers on his Youtube channel! The videos, he almost make eveything by himself too! He tells blind surfer stories. For example he tells a story when at the gym a woman was thinking he was staring at him. This story has 40 million views on Youtube. He wanted to make this video about PEte a long time ago but he is now back in NYC, so he has to go back in LA to meet Pete. As finally Joby is sponsoring him and they are making a microphone, it is the perfect alignement: he wants Pete's opinion on the Joby Wave Pro microphone. Petes likes it, especially when compared to the onboard microphones of Casey's Sony A7 camera. In a car to the beach Casey jokes that as Pete has never seen him surfing, he is quite good at it, maybe in the top 3 surfers in the world :) Pete reacts at what he is feeling. A woman (his wife?) also gives him clues to when the wave is coming. Back in his studio Casey talks a little more about the microphone. Casey likes to be back on Youtube.

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