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Episode number 19 from season 6.

2022-12-05 - 3 things i learned from 800 days of vlogging

Season 6 - Episode 19 - 12-05-2022
800, that's the number of daily vlogs he made in a row a few years ago. New York. 5 years since he stopped daily vlogging. He thinks a lot about that time and those days. You spend your 20s figuring it out, you spend your 30s doing it, and your 40s enjoying it. He wants to enjoy. The main struggle is the headspace that is required to make a new video every day. If you only think about what will be your next video, are you really present in your actual life? He needs to vacuum the studio and of course immediately his brains is trying to transform this chore into an interesting video. Parcel delivery. Vacuum has no consequence, but what about time spent with his family? The firsts vlogs were only about making content no matter what. But after a while it started to be much more difficult. Content vs life, who is he? Exploiting every aspect of his own life for videos. Is he a fraud? That's a big part of the reasons why he stopped daily vlogging. And he doesn't miss that, but there are some other parts he misses really much. Boosted ride to the piers. As a filmmaker is is a constant question: should I make something and what should it be? When you are daily vlogging it is simple and very clear: a vlog of you day. That clarity of purpose is so enjoyable, he misses it. Half a day of cleaning the studio and it is still a mess. A lost dog in the street. Full speed on broadway. Casey is chasing him on his boosted board. The dog finds its owner back. The takeaway from the vlogs, is that he now wants to draw less of his personal life.

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