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Episode number 17 from season 6.

2022-11-25 - the Greatest Gift

Season 6 - Episode 17 - 11-25-2022
Miniature aquarium fish-tank of his studio. He pours water in it. It is leaking. Outside: drone crash. Name badge labels. He puts all his Sony cameras on a table, a label with his name. He is waiting for people. 2 months ago he did a collaboration with Joby where the brand would pick 5 content creators and fly them in his studio so they can make a video with Casey. Marlin, the ups guys comes to deliver a package, Casey explains why all these people are here. Casey was not sure what to do with these creators. Then they showed up and they were awesome. Casey take them to his favorite Chinese restaurant, they talk. Only one day, Casey wants to give them the most he can to help them, and not just having them focus on him. Camera store. B&H. A toy store for film makers. Haruki has a fear of heights he want to overcome. They go to the roof of his building. When Casey had no money he went to B&H to fantasize on cameras. One of the person wants to learn how to use a Boosted Board. In B&H huge billboard with Casey's face on it. That's why he went in the store. George channel is about aquariums. Just add water. Footage on how the fish-tank was made. Casey has fishes, called Edward and Edward. Great fish. Kati's video is about how to do a be real. AnishRaul picture and video. Casey enjoyed this project. He is used to work alone, this time it forced him to break his shell. He really liked that during the whole time they only talked about creating, making, and not how to have more likes, more subscribers, more money. The 5 videos of the 5 creators are linked in the description

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