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Episode number 13 from season 6.

2022-11-04 - about this hotel room..

Season 6 - Episode 13 - 11-04-2022
Casey had a dream about him still living in California and never had moved back to NYC. Glad it was just a dream, or was it. He is in California. Fancy hotel room. He is here for one day for work. Huge bathroom. Separate toilet. Living room with nice couch. Foyer area, closets, second bathroom, second toilet, shower. Room service. He is here for a public speaking event. He always talk about how he went from being a school dropout, or in a poor family just being able to rent one hotel room for the whole family to now having the ability to afford such hotel rooms. He has to go back to NYC. The video continues in his NYC studio. Casey explains that he lives with Candice and their two daughters. He lives with 3 women, their apartment is not Casey's own place. it doesn't feel like it is his space. The studio is his space. When he was in California he didn't have his space. A place to go every day. The studio as it is today does not reflects the whole person he now is, it is not finished, he has to correct that. He makes a cardboard model of his space. He wants to remove the separating wall and put on another wall to make a big square with a small separate studio, with it's own separate entrance. He just has to build it.

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