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Episode number 10 from season 6.

2022-10-25 - Kanye, you broke my heart

Season 6 - Episode 10 - 10-25-2022
Casey misses the old Kanye. He hates the new - bad mood - Kanye. He hates having to make this video. Lots of stuff on Twitter. While running this morning the only thing he was able to think is the hatred this guy is causing. In 2022 anti-semitism is on the rise! He shows a picture of his own wedding. keepa. Pictures of Dean in the military. The reason Casey wear a keepa at his wedding is... he doesn't even know. He is not religious, he went to shul (church) only a few times to skip school. And it doesn't makes him less a Jewish. You don't choose to be Jewish, just like to be black. Why Kanye has that kind of hate speech? It tells other people that it's ok and it is not ok. It's called the dog whistle. It's permission. It hurts, Kanye was great. He met the guy around 2003, before Jesus Walk (first single). Rap and hip-hop was about being gangster tough... and Kanye was not, he was like a mild-mannered guy, wearing a polo shirt and a backpack. They hang around backstage. They walked to the stage. Kanye opened the door and kept it open the whole time while the group was walking by. The concert went great. Casey was the only white guy, he struggled to dance, he was embarrassed and amazed at the same time. A decade later, at a party he met Kanye again. Casey talked about that specific moment, Kanye said he remembers it. Casey asks what he is doing now, he has a group, with Jay-Z and he invited Casey. Great. He is also going into fashion, designing clothes, very exciting, he was passionate. He shows a picture of this moment where Kanye seems happy. And this fashion stuff, he did it. He was into it. Kanye was an artist, both music and fashion, without looking and thinking at what others would think or say. He didn't care. HBO documentary where Kanye puts his new single on and watch other people to react. It is unprecedented, new, so people doesn't know how to react, but Kanye doesn't care. That's what an artist does. And that's why it hurts so much. He has the power to inspire a whole generation. It tells, if you believe you can. And at that time when the planet is more fractured than ever, promoting hate is the last thing we need.

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