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Episode number 1 from season 6.


Season 6 - Episode 1 - 09-14-2022
Casey enters his New-York city studio, on a screen there are post-its with "conviction" and "doubt" written. That's a video. In LA Casey can hear the ocean waves. Conviction was him moving to NYC in 2001 with no money and no job but a big dream. Doubt was him 20 years later leaving NYC. No exact idea what he would do in California. He is driving away, back to New York City. For the last time. They were OK in LA: surf, time with the kids, lots of family time. One time they missed winter so much they made a truck come to blow snow in their backyard!!! They had fun. Nevada, run in the desert. He even has a shower in his truck. That lovely life was great but that's not them. It never felt like home. Something that makes Casey Casey is New York City, he felt dying. Candice feel the same. They agreed on something. They were wrong, it is not easy. Changing school for the kids, leaving their family which is why they went in California first. Home is a place that makes you feels like you. SOmewhere where you fit. Casey sleeps in the back of his car. They are adopted by NYC, they were not born there, but they came in their early adult life. It is the place where they became themselves. It is the only place where he thinks he truly belongs. More states crossed. If you are not changing your are not pushing yourself enough. NYC skyline. Back in his studio. Good to be back. Marlin the UPS driver is glad he is back.

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