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Episode number 8 from season 5.

2019-12-09 - i MESSED UP majorly in Abu Dhabi

Season 5 - Episode 8 - 12-09-2019
Casey is in Abu Dhabi with Julio for the formula one race this afternoon, in the meantime, time for a little exploration. Emirates Palace. They can't go in because they are wearing shorts. Coffee place for breakfast, but they didn't have food. Drone views of the beach. Camel farm. Dune bashing in the SUV. Julio is trying to control the drone from the inside of the car. Later at his hotel room Casey shows the place where the race track is. They are allowed to go in some sports cars on the track with a professional driver. He talks with the driver Lando Norris about the car wheel, like a PlayStation controller, just a little more advanced. Later in his hotel room Casey explains to Julio that he lost all the f1 footage from the day before. The files from the race are 0KB. In the bathroom Casey explains what happened, Hamilton won, huge party from the boats. Julio has a little bit of cellphone footage. Casey is sorry.

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