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Episode number 55 from season 5.

2022-08-30 - I Was Invited To Cannes Film Festival

Season 5 - Episode 55 - 08-30-2022
Candice and Casey in a car, well dressed. They are in Cannes, France for the film festival. Space for the photographers in front of the red carpet. Casey goes into their bedroom, 10am Candice is still sleeping. Later, capuccino at Hagen Daas. Scooter ride across the sea side. Views of the sea. Candice likes that, she misses that. Condom package on the floor, condomn not far away. So "french". Back at the hotel Candice is going to have a shower. Casey explains that he has nothing to show at the festival, no movie, he is here as a guest. But he had a movie in 2008, it was abig achievement for him as a filmaker. The movie was The pleasure of being robbed by Josh and Benny Safty. HE helped for that movie. They were broke aspiring filmmakers and they made it. Beiing here is a reminder of his career. Now it is totally different, he present his movies, alone, by pressing the upload button on Youtube. It lacks the glamour of the Cannes film festival premiere. Candice makeup and hair dressing. After only '20 seconds' remains to Casey to get dressed. In the car Candice removes her panties, too many panty lines. She puts them in her bag. Filming on the red carpet is not allowed, but he has his spy glasses so he will be filming on the red carpet! Photographers on the red carpet. Movie time. After the movie Candice acts as she was sleeping, with sunglasses on. End. One clip from 2008 dind't fit in the edit but it is so nostalgic for him he wants to share it. The Safty's introducing Van and Casey as film directors. Also Candice flushed the toilet and her gold bracelet fell into it, they called the security of the hotel, they removed the whole toilet but never found the bracelet.

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