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Episode number 54 from season 5.

2022-04-25 - it's been 3 years since we left NYC

Season 5 - Episode 54 - 04-25-2022
NYC. Last September. Cab ride. Candice is crying. 72 hours earlier: first time they go, just Candice and Casey back to New York City. 10am. First day in NYC. Drone footage from the old days. Cab ride to his studio. He is in NYC because he has 2 commitments. Candice feels great being here. Stop at their favorite restaurant. Marlin is here too. He asks him what has changed. Jack's wife Freda, other favorite restaurant. Later Candice doesn't want to leave. She is crying. Overwhelmed by emotions. Her childhood is here. Her twenties and thirties are here. LA memories are... covid.

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