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Episode number 53 from season 5.

2022-04-18 - i miss being a YouTuber

Season 5 - Episode 53 - 04-18-2022
Pan, swish pan, you can hide a cut. Through a serie of swishes he will travel to Dubaï. First he goes with the kids to Cape Town South Africa. Stop at London airport. He leaves Candice and the kids at the hotel. He meets Dan Mace. First class seat. Dan wants to surf. They have to find waves. Water park but no surf boards. On the beach front there are waves but not very surfable. They rent boards and go on the beach. They manage to catch waves. Many people are surfing indeed. Dubai museum of the future. The reason why they are here today. They have been invited. They agreed to one condition: visit the museum at night while nobody was there. They explore freely the museum. They asked them as influencers. That's insane. His review: highly interactive. The building is great too. 1am, time to go back to the airport. He forgot how great making this kind of video was. He misses that.

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