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Episode number 50 from season 5.

2021-12-06 - The Most Important Movie I've Ever Made

Season 5 - Episode 50 - 12-06-2021
Casey is in New York City to make his most important video ever. He wanted to make this for 20 years. He shows his high school yearbook Freshman year. There is a picture of him wearing a dress. Why? Why no video for so long? Everything is connected. He was working on the Casey Neistat Film School. A proper school. He had a complex relationship with education. Freshman year was his last year of school. He didn't care about what they were trying to teach him. That changed when he discovered film making, it was his passion. HE wanted to educate himself on something he really cares. In a park he meets people from NYU film school. Spike Lee, Scorsese went there, other famous people too. Great institution but it costs more than $54 000 a year. Education has changed. He would have killed for a crash course from Michel Gondry. Casey meets his friend Josh, he asks him what people could learn from him. Just committing. He worked with Monthly shooting the classes. Strange to have a professional video team. A dynamic course following him making a movie. There are lots of ways to make a movie, Casey is able to make them self sufficient. Josh talks about his next movie: Secret headquarters movie summer 2022. Casey's school is $300, one time. Excerpt/trailer.

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