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Episode number 5 from season 5.

2019-11-09 - a horrible situation

Season 5 - Episode 5 - 11-09-2019
A pretty great story about something pretty terrible. Early morning. Not normal collar bone. He broke his collar bone in three pieces about a week ago. Jesse invited him to Burning Man. His motivation was to be with his close friend. One night only... he had to fly there. He missed his flight. Not a lot of places on planes for this event. He asked if there were other planes,no ! Only private jets. So he was hitchhiking in a private jet airport terminal. Lots of no answers. Then 2 dudes arrived an hour later. Pasha and Georgie, he went with them. But at the end he arrived 8 hours later than initially planned, and he still had to find Jesse. He had a one wheel, and one hour later he found him. They went out exploring burning man. Lots of fun. they wanted to watch the sun rise. But his flight was at 8:00am not a lot of tine, so he took his one wheel, alone, for one last ride. During this ride he may have tipped into a rock, he fell on the ground and immediately knew he broke something. He decided to manage it alone. He went to the emergency tent. Now it is still taking a lot of time to heel but that's ok.

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