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Episode number 48 from season 5.

2021-03-09 - my brother Van

Season 5 - Episode 48 - 03-09-2021
Van in Casey's house.. Casey puts a record on his old record player. A record of his uncle Louis Nye, he was a comedian in the 60's. Today's video is about another Neistat, his brother Van. Pictures of Van in their NYC studio. Clips from 2006. Van is composing music for one of their video on a $40 plastic keyboard. 42 years ago Casey's mom had a baby, Van. Then she married Casey's dad, who adopted Van. Then he had a sister, then Casey. Van went in college in Virginia which is far from Connecticut where the family lived. At 15 Casey moved to Virginia. But to be able to go to high school in Virginia he needed a legal guardian there, so Van adopted Casey. In 2000 Casey first edited a video on Van's computer. Van showed him how to do it. Casey then moved to NYC to become a film maker because Van inspired him. The Neistat brothers were born. Their firsts videos were Van's ideas. Once they were in Paris, they could'nt shoot was they had planned because of a huge protest, so they asked a bunch of punk rock kids to hold posters saying vive les Neistat brothers and tried to shoot a video like if the protest was a Neistat brothers celebration. That was the kind of videos they used to shoot. Casey follows Candice in the toilets to ask her who is the most talented Neistat... Van. They went from making silly videos to their own HBO show. They made a video on how to pronounce Neistat, like nice, rice, and tat like a tattoo. HBO didn't renew their contract so there was no season 2. They were too early, making vlogs 10 years before vlogs were a thing. Van moved to LA. He did a lot of things. Movies, art, ... One thing he never did is start a YouTube channel. Casey shows Van's house, with a gate next to the stairs outdoors, a gate Van made himself to protect his kid from the stairs. Lots of refinement. Van's brain has not been poisoned by social media, he doesn't watch YouTube so his videos are special. Van's studio at the back of the house. Like a museum. Van's videos are pure untouched creativity. Van now has a Youtube channel.

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