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Episode number 47 from season 5.

2020-10-27 - Who I'm Voting For 2020

Season 5 - Episode 47 - 10-27-2020
"Made you look fuck everyone" red hat. Casey like it. He will vote for Joe Biden. Yes there is a lot of noise from the world of politics. Whatever you do and want, you are a part of it. So why not inform yourself the best you can. Casey has made donations where he thinks there can be an impact. Most of them are not directly political, mostly food banks, LGBT,... but he tries to listen and engage with people who has strong political opinions, mostly different from his one. He feels the divisiveness, it is so much more intense than before. He has positions that he holds, but also many others where he is willing to learn what other people have to say about. We can have different opinions without hating ourselves. His dad voted for Donald Trump, he disagrees, but he still loves his dad. He is voting against Donald Trump because he thinks that he is really pushing hard on the divisiveness. Quote on Twitter from Ice T: At some point you'll realize, what they think doesn't matter. Enjoy YOUR life, no matter what.

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