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Episode number 46 from season 5.

2020-10-26 - the SURPRISE of her life!!!

Season 5 - Episode 46 - 10-26-2020
Candice's birthday. Casey takes his truck to pick her a present. He also has a nordvpn ad to make, so he will use the brand budget on Candice's birthday present. The present is 2 fold: jewelry and something else, much more complicated. Stop to buy a cake. The real present is a trip to a spa she wants to go. Everything is set up, his mother in law will watch for the kids. In the basement he hides the presents. Flower, cake, with the kids they take them and give them to Candice in her bed. On the back of the letter he gives to Candice it says that it is sponsored by NordVPN, it makes Candice laugh. Candice is 43. When she was 30 she wished she was 20 but now she is in her forties, she is scared of the future. She returns the bracelet he gave her.

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