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Episode number 45 from season 5.

2020-10-15 - it's time to say NO!

Season 5 - Episode 45 - 10-15-2020
Makeup for the girls. They painted Candice's eyebrows. Halloween candy. Super 73 ride to the beach, through the stairs. He is on Tiktok. One guy on tiktok says things that resonates to him. When people aks for your time you should be able to say no. Giving away one hour is not much, but by the end of a week it can be lots and lots of hours. He interviews a friend in his car who explains that you are often interrupted by others, and it is very difficult to go back to the flow state of mind you want to be to be creative. He goes to Max's place to ask him the same questions. Casey is Max's time sucker. Life is like a very strong duffle bag, it doesn't expand, so it is packed full of things that takes priorities. You don't have to say to everything your friends ask, you just to be there when it matters. Casey still struggles to find a balance between the responsibilities of paying bills and find free time without being guilty about it.

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