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Episode number 44 from season 5.

2020-10-13 - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DRONE! it won't stop following me

Season 5 - Episode 44 - 10-13-2020
Tech review... during a run. Drone with no controller. He just follows him. Skydio 2 drone. Not made by DJI. DJI dominates the drone market. Geopolitical concerns. Skydio is assembled in the USA. $999. 4k60p Good lens with thread for ND filter. They made a good job, the picture quality compares with DJI drones. The arms don't fold, but the propellers fold. It doesn't feel like a toy. The battery is just held by magnets, and it seems to hold very well. For Casey a drone is a flying camera, he manually controls it where he wants, he wants to be in control... while having the gps, obstacle avoidance. The Skydio is different, you don't really need a controller. Terminator AI like. Casey runs everywhere, between trees, goes back and forth and the drone still follows him. The user interface is not very mature yet. The main concern Casey has is that the video the drone makes looks like drone footage, it is not very cinematic, stable, fluid. Skydio moves like a robot and the movies it makes looks like robotic terminator footage. He ends the video in his garden because while he was recording in the woods, his camera fell on the ground and broke.

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