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Episode number 43 from season 5.

2020-10-12 - theyre right outside my window

Season 5 - Episode 43 - 10-12-2020
Bee hive just in front of his house on the plot next to theirs. Someone is digging on the plot and is destroying the hive. Candice is looking online for a place to move the hive. Swing set. It is now fully assembled. Thanks to... Casey... not really. He searched on Craigslist a guy who would put it up for him. He quit. To many screws. Refrigerated box, Steak-mm. Not a paid advertisement. They have a very funny Twitter feed, he interacted with them and they sent him a huge package of frozen steaks. Dry ice, time to make a lit fun with it. Casey puts a big chunk of dry ice into a bowl of water. Candice scratched her car. Barbie. Candice's mum June birthday party. She is the leader of the family. Casey is nice to her, so he can ask her to watch for the kids the week-end.

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