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Episode number 42 from season 5.

2020-10-08 - World's Biggest KOOK

Season 5 - Episode 42 - 10-08-2020
A kook is a surfer wannabe whohas not figured out all the details of surf, like taking care of what other surfers are doing to prevent to cross their path on the waves. kookoftheday: kook of the day instagram feed. Casey wants to take a pro surfer: Jamie O'Brien and make it act like he is a kook, make a video and to try to have their video published on the feed. They bought roller-blades. And Jamie goes to the beach on rollers, holding his surf board with lots of difficulties. Later on the beach, Jamie puts on a suit too big for him. Then they need a fancy car. They take a Ferrari and try to put 2 surf boards inside. One is pulled behind by its leash! They did it, they are on the Instagram feed.

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