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Episode number 41 from season 5.

2020-10-07 - the ONE THING that makes her truly happy

Season 5 - Episode 41 - 10-07-2020
Music in the car, Casey drives, Candice sings. Jesse and Casey are doing a workout. Casey talks about the famous videos they made together. Casey misses doing those king of difficult but rewarding videos. LA made them soft. In his office he opens a box. Confidential written on an envelope. Letter from the company who makes the poison he used to try to exterminate the ants that were in his house a few weeks ago. They want to give him more options for his battleplan. In the box, an antic helmet with a red brush on it, the kind they were wearing at Rome. Also more poison. Candice points out to Casey that there are new bumps on her car doors. A BMX has driving plates with SMLEFXR on it. Candice has no idea what it could mean. Smile Fixer, he is a dentist. Sushi. They try to do a date once a week, but sofar they just manage to eat food on the back of the truck. Candice likes cakes. Bubble wrap jump and noise with Georgie.

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