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Episode number 40 from season 5.

2020-10-06 - if she leaves me, this is why

Season 5 - Episode 40 - 10-06-2020
Casey is looking for something. A squirrel is hidden behind their couch. Casey tries to make him leave, he moves the couch, the squirrel hides, Francine and him struggle to push it outside. After many tries they manage to make him leave. Casey's number one thing on his bucket list is to never have to carry keys, a wallet or a phone. He has a phone with a case to hold a credit card and a banknote so at least he doesn't have to carry a wallet, but keys are still a major concern. Just before leaving NYC he was able for a short period of time to have no keys but he bought an old truck and keys were back in his life. He lost his truck keys so he has to take Candice's car, just a day after she said he can't use it anymore because he damaged him. Today is Georgie's 2 year old birthday. He picks up a cake and comes back home. Birthday party.

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