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Episode number 4 from season 5.

2019-11-04 - Divorce Beach.

Season 5 - Episode 4 - 11-04-2019
Candice wearing a bikini on a beach. They are not getting divorced, they are on Divorce Beach. She lost one flip flop, they managed to get it back. First time in two years they are taking vacation, just the two of them. Flight to Mexico. Bar at the car rental place... Hotel room with a view on the ocean. Pool just outside of the room. Candice misses her old life: alone, wild, fancy hotel room. She has only one night to get hangover. Just like old times, but they are not as good at drinking now. Shopping. Casey does not like shopping. Flea market. Franny and Georgie names with funny sewn letters. Boat ride to a small beach... divorce beach. Tropical fishes. Cocktail in the swimming pool. No divorce ahead. Since they moved to LA times together had been tough, always having to worry about the kids and not about each other.

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