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Episode number 39 from season 5.

2020-10-05 - i made this video in a Wal Mart

Season 5 - Episode 39 - 10-05-2020
Casey takes ice cream from the freezer. Sleeping arrangement in the Neistat house. A room for Owen when he is here... this is where Casey sleeps. Baby crib in another room. Main bedroom: no one sleeps in this bed. And in the last room, Candice and Francine are sleeping in the same bedroom. Mattress on the floor. Car ride in Candice's car0 Casey is not allowed to take it anymore because he damaged it with his surf board. Stop at Walmart. The kids had a nap. They don't have Walmart in New York and where they live now. So it is a special time for the family. Georgie finds Disney's ice cream. Q&A. Is the vlog officially back? He doesn't know, but no. Will he post every day? No.Why these videos now? He didn't post for a year because he had no idea what to do with all those changes. He is just starting to feel home in LA. And he likes to make videos. He wants to continue to document his life. Does he want to go back to NYC? Georgie is awake from her nap, they taste her ice cream. What does is taste like? Candice answers: Unicorn, obviously!

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