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Episode number 38 from season 5.

2020-09-30 - kite surfing idiot nearly cut my feet off

Season 5 - Episode 38 - 09-30-2020
Morning run, shower, fresh clothes. Car ride to paints and wallpaper store. He spray paints his wetsuit in pink. Waves are wind waves, swell is cause by a distant weather system. They are predictable. Prediction for big waves in California. A random guy emailed him to give help. Casey was reluctant but asked him to take videos of him while trying to surf. A way to try the new Canon 800mm lens. He spray painted his suit so the guy can recognize Casey. Casey has a hard time to stand on the surf. He is not a very good surfer, even with intense music it does not seems very good. In fact the random guy is not a total stranger, Roman is a friend. A kite surf has fallen on the water, Casey tries to jump above the lines but it cuts his leash. Later at home he watches the Trump vs Biden debate. Candice is not there, he is watching for the kids, they are eating cereals and chocolate for dinner. They are out of Nutella. Empty peanut butter jar too.

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