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Episode number 20 from season 5.


Season 5 - Episode 20 - 08-14-2020
The story of the movie start, Jamie Foxx who game him a black eye. No clickbait. New Orleans, Louisiana, 18 months ago. Movie set. He talked about that before. Ariel Schulman and Henry Juiced, they are proper feature film movie makes when he is just a Youtuber. Huge Hollywood movie. It was intimidating for Casey. The movie is called Project Power. The pitch: you can take a pill that gives you special powers, you don't know which one and it lasts only 5 minutes. Is is on Netflix. Typecasting: finding a person that naturally fits the role. He was typecasted for being a douche-bag riding a motorcycle! He has to park the motorbike, leave with his girlfriend and bump into Jamie Foxx. It sounds easy but it was tough for him. They did the take 10 times. He is fan of Jamie Foxx, he is so good on set. Then the big scene, they enter a bar, a complete set where a battle is supposed to happen. Casey played with the prop guns, not very professional. People there are real professionals. His scene: they go to this bar, they go to "the chamber", his girlfriend is doing to demo him the power pill effect. But it goes wrong. He has to leave. Jamie Foxx arrives and kills everyone, including him. But on hte rehearsal it does not looks very convincing, so Casey goes into "I have to sell it" mode, and really plays the scene as if he was really pushed hard against a wall. And it gives him a black eye. Casey calls Ariel who calls Jamie Foxx to check if it won't make him having bad feelings when he will see the scene when the movie goes out. Not a problem at all.

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