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Episode number 2 from season 5.

2019-10-31 - i'm going back to NYC.

Season 5 - Episode 2 - 10-31-2019
First trip back to NYC since Casey moved to California 2.5 months ago. It feels weird that now California is his home. HE forgot his wallet. He has his driving license and credit card on the back of his phone so it should be ok. He doesn't miss the weather. Pouring rain and cold outside. He is in an hotel in NYC, very strange. He feels like after a breakup, you stop to see each other for a while, then you start to see that person again. Same city but it feels different. HE feels like a tourist in his own town. He doesn't have keys to his own office. he shows what happened to the new - now closed - space. His studio hasn't changed. Packages to open. Gifts from Youtube. He likes his old studio. He misses NYC but not living in NYC. 5am he leaves his hotel room take a cab to the "work thing". He meets a fan in the street, they talk about the new things in NYC, a new tower near the WTC. Stop at the studio to pick up some stuff, meeting with Paul at 368 then, heading to the airport... helicopter ride. And flight home.

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