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Episode number 19 from season 5.

2020-08-11 - i don't know what im doing anymore

Season 5 - Episode 19 - 08-11-2020
A road trip to visit Owen, his oldest kid. He takes his Tesla for a 500 miles road trip. First he has to put pressure in one of his tires, there is a nail in it but instead of properly fixing it he left the nail and just refills it when it needs to. Venice, shady place, not the place where you want to fill a tire at 4 in the morning:) He has a special flashlight/baseball bat just in case. Later the sun is out. Stop to charge the Tesla. In his trunk, weights and a jumping rope that he takes for a workout. He goes visiting Owen because of covid he prefers that Owen does not take a plane. Sponsored video, He has a tik-tok bottle but it is not the sponsor of the video. Instead as Donald Trump started to say that he wants to ban tik-tok he wants to promote the VPN services to gat around bans, NordVPN.He takes his car back to continue its journey to San Francisco. Hotel room. Owen invited him in his apartment, but it is a very small studio. Time to put warmer clothes (video trick) and visit Owen. Owen has long hair, a beard. Casey explains that it is easy to be the dad of tiny young children but trying to be the dad of a 22 year old man is a lot tougher. He has no idea what to do. What his role should be in his life? no idea. Owen is wonderful, he is proud of him but he doesn't know where he fits in. He just tries to be there. He took him to the grocery store and pays him whatever grocery he wanted, he fell like a real dad then! As a parent he is feeding his child.

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