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Episode number 17 from season 5.

2020-06-04 - What Black Lives Matter Protests are really about

Season 5 - Episode 17 - 06-04-2020
Casey has not made a video for a while, but he is struggling to find focus lately. He has been protesting every day since George Floyd's murder. He wants to explain why. He tells Brianna Taylor story. 3 cops entering her house in the middle of the night and killed her. They did not face any punishment. If there are laws to protect those 3 men, those laws are wrong. Same thing for what happened to George Floyd. That needs to change and change is really hard. You can vote but sometimes it is not enough, you have to march. You force your voice to be heard. And it is muddled by the police, by looter, by sensational instances. Racism in America is real. Comments under videos are a fact. Being white in America is a privilege. We can use that privilege to hold other people accountable when we see racism taking place. Voting works, it take times but it is important. People love to quote Martin Luther King but when it was his time he was vilified. It's time to march.

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