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Episode number 16 from season 5.


Season 5 - Episode 16 - 05-15-2020
$50,000 is the amount of money Casey managed to make his sponsor nordvpn donate so Casey can give it away. Direct Action project. Casey finds that the best, giving directly to someone. With Mike Rashid they prepared some care packages as an excuse to go to visit people in need and give them cash. Toilet paper, masks... Some people were okay to share their story. They go to visit a guy with ALS, in a wheelchair, his wife being the only person in the family who can work, she had her salary cut in half because of covid-19 and she is the person who has to take care of him because of his health issues. They visit some other people then. Same kind of stories. People struggling to buy food. Casey makes a Super8 film about closed stores, empty spaces, signs asking people to stay home or wear masks. In the end he connected with about 20 people. He gave the $30,000 to volunteers who will spread the money to other people in need. Thanks to NordVPN. It is important to be nice with people, everybody is dealing with problems. Casey sent the video to NordVPN for approval and they liked it so much that they gave him another $20,000 to give away.

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