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Episode number 15 from season 5.

2020-03-21 - My Best Friend Got The Coronavirus

Season 5 - Episode 15 - 03-21-2020
Casey shot a video yesterday about the Covid-19, but today he got a text message from his friend Dan Mace who got a call from his doctor: he is positive for the coronavirus. Dan will be fine. He is the first person close to Casey who has the virus. Candice put a table with hand sanitizer outside the house to clean their hands before entering the house. This pandemic is so strange. It affects everyone in the world. We are all in this together. It has never been the case since Casey was born. Line of people waiting to enter in the grocery store. The security deals with people entering and leaving the store. Francine explains what the coronavirus is. Empty streets. Almost all stores are closed. Life continues, he goes outside to cycle with the kids, running and surfing, while respecting social distancing. Casey is glad to be in Los Angeles where it is easy to access outside places, he thinks of what it would have been if he still was in New York. He calls a friend, it is 70 degrees in New York and no one in the streets. SARS, bird flu, they haven't touched him directly. More talks with Dan, he explains that it was hard to be tested, the doctors were not allowed to test him, only people with really severe problems. He was in Los Angeles. So he went back to South Africa, not knowing if he had the virus or not, he fell better. Here in LA, no planes in the sky. Dan is 29. The symptoms were massive, he had the flu symptoms and also had troubles to breathe properly. Casey wears a fanny pack with hand sanitizer, and a 30 seconds timer. What scares Casey is that all businesses shut down. His dad has a coffee shop and of course closed it, but what about money and unemployment. What will happen if people could not make a living to pay for their food. Dan's wedding has been postponed. Casey's advices: stay home, avoid people. Don't be the jerk who stays out and take risks. One tough thing for Casey is not knowing how to help. He has old merch, 100% of the profits will be donated to FeedingAmerica NGO, you can also just donate money. Good luck and wash your hands.

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