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Episode number 14 from season 5.


Season 5 - Episode 14 - 03-11-2020
Airport to Mexico. 40th birthday of Casey's sister, she is having a party in Mexico. He is not really invited but at the same time he wanted to make a video of a real usage of Nord VPN (the sponsor of this video), so why not use the money to surprise his sister. Owen is here too. His little brother is there too. They buy food. Casey buys junk food, Owen avocados and crackers. They also buy a pinata, balloons,... They arrive at the hotel to surprise her sister Jordan. They bring everything in her room. The next day, Owen and Dean went sailing. Time to talk about why a VPN is useful when traveling. LAter Casey asks Owen if Jordan was surprised or not. Before leaving, a little adventure. 3.5 hour tour but they only have one hour. They find a cave to jump into. Huge drop into the water. Zip line inside another cave. Short Father and son vacation but it was great.

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